Bulldog Beauty Contest Banner


This year's competition will include many of the same categories from year's past. We encourage our participants to plan ahead to create the  perfect costume for their bulldog(s), in the spirit of the category theme they choose to compete

The 14th anniversary categories will include:


  • Cutest Bulldog
  • Meanest-Looking Bulldog
  • Best Dressed Bulldog
  • Best Bulldog/Human Tandem
  • Best Bulldog Trick
  • Most Butler Spirit
  • Best Blue III (Trip) Look-A-Like
  • Best Representation of "Built Ford Tough"
  • Oldest Bulldog
  • Youngest Bulldog
  • Best in Show

Each category winner will receive a trophy, sash, official certificate and prizes.

To impress our panel of judges and the crowd, creativity is essential. Again, be prepared, plan ahead, and may the best bulldog win!

Contest Rules

Some basic rules of competition and helpful guidelines:

  • The contest is only open to bulldog breeds, including English, French and American Bulldogs.
  • Due to the large number of participants, each contestant (bulldog) is only allowed to compete in two categories.
  • If a contestant wins a respective category, they can no longer compete in other category competition until the final, "Best in Show" round.
  • The "Best in Show" competition is comprised of bulldog winners from the prior 10 categories.
  • A panel of five judges will select their favorite contestant for each category based on their best interpretation of the category.
  • Registration is free and pre-event registration is strongly encouraged.
  • Walk-up registration prior to the event is allowed.
  • The contest will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. (EST), please arrive early and allow extra time for parking, registration and other activities.
  • It is advised that contestants are checked-in at registration prior to 8:45 a.m. (EST).