College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of History and Anthropology

History Program Requirements

History Major

Requirements: 30 credits

A History major consists of 30 hours of History credits. Geography courses automatically count towards the History major. Anthropology and other university courses may, with approval of the department head, be applied to the History major.

  • HST101 plus two additional courses at the 100-200 level, one in U.S. History and one focused     outside U.S.
  • HST301: Historical Method and Historiography
  • 15 additional elective History credits must be taken at the 300-level or above.
  • HST401: Seminar in History
  • Electives (15 credits). At least 21 hours must be taken at the 300-level or higher.  Students must take courses covering three or more of the following five areas:  U.S.; Latin America; Europe; Asia; or, Africa and the Middle East.


History or Geography Minor

A minor in either History or Geography each requires 18 hours of coursework, 12 of which must be taken at the upper-division level (300 or above).

Combined History/Political Science Major

Requirements: 48 credits

Political Science (24 hours)
  • 6 hours from among PO101, PO 131, PO 141, PO 151, PO 210, or PO220
  • 18 hours of PO courses at the 300 level or above, including at least one semester of PO490 and one each of a U.S. and a non-U.S. focused course.
History (21 hours)
  • 6 hours from among HST101, HST111, HST211, HST212, HST213, and HST214.   Students should choose one U.S. HST course, one non-U.S. HST course.
  • 15 HST hours at upper division level, including a 3 hours research seminar, HST401.
Program Research Methods Requirement (3 hours)
  • 3 hours of either PO201, Research and Analysis, or HST301, Historical Method and Historiography

Combined History/Anthropology Major

Requirements: 48 credits

HST101 or AN101

History (21 hours)
  • 6 hours from among HST111, HST211, HST212, HST213, or HST214 (from two distinct geographical areas)
  • 3 hours of Historiography (HST301)
  • 9 hours of upper-division courses (300-level and above; from at least two distinct geographical areas)
  • 3 hours of HST401
Anthropology (21 hours)
  • 3 hours of Introductory Anthropology (SW215)
  • 3 hours of Development of Anthropological Thought (AN390)
  • 3 hours of Anthropological Methods (AN350)
  • 6 hours of Area Courses (AN360)
  • 6 hours of Topics Courses (AN300-349)
Geography (3 hours)
  • 3 hours of Cultural Geography (GE109)