Department of History and Anthropology

Department of History and Anthropology
Department of History and Anthropology
Department of History and Anthropology

History and Anthropology at Butler

At Butler University, the disciplines of History, Anthropology, and Geography share the same home because they address the same fundamental questions about life. We are singular among U.S. universities in bringing together these three disciplines at the undergraduate level. The department offers a small student-faculty ratio, individual attention, and abundant opportunities for undergraduate research. Most of our students also study away from Butler, either abroad or in Washington DC, offering them a taste of this increasingly global world we inhabit.

We invite you to peruse our web page to learn more about the requirements for both degrees, get to know the faculty and staff of the department, and see what opportunities Butler provides for our undergraduate and graduate students! For more up-to-date information on our events and activities, follow us on Facebook!

News, Events, and Recent Publications:

New Book by Dr. Susan Kenyon: Spirits and Slaves in Central Sudan: The Red Wind of Sennar

Dr. Kenyon, professor emerita of Anthropogy, writes a historical ethnography on the possession beliefs and practices of the zar in the Central Sudanese town of Sennar. Her book offers novel insights on the forms of religious knowledge and practices of spirit possession, and how they interact across space and generations. To view a recent review of her book, click here! Spirits and Slaves will be available in paperback this summer!

New Publication by Dr. Soleh Shahrokhi- Four Decades in the Making: Gender, Generations, and Cultural Politics of Iranian Diaspora in the United States

Dr. Shahrokhi's presentation at the 2014 DANESH Conference held October 18, 2014 in Chicago, IL has recently been published in the DANESH Report on the conference. A copy of the publication can be found in the History Department, JH 349.

Recent news reports have focused on the importance of having a humanities and libral arts education. Read more about it  here

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