The Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse - History, Heart, Hinkle
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Seating Plan

The installation of new chair back seats from the track level and down to the floor level of the Hinkle Fieldhouse arena will dictate changes in current seating assignments and thus, impact season ticket holders, Bulldog Club members, alumni and friends who are all vital to the success of the Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse. 

The Butler Athletic Department continues to develop the Bulldog Club Priority Point Program and subsequent men's basketball seating plan in a manner that achieves balance, consistency and equity. Longevity and generosity will continue to play into that equation which emphasizes the importance of providing giving opportunities for donors of all levels. 

Comprehensive details on a new seating plan have yet to be determined as the logistics of new seating are still being assessed. As campaign planning continues, creating this plan and informing the public of its details will be a priority of the Butler Athletic Department. 

Participation from everyone is a campaign goal and crucial to the success of our plan to preserve this historic landmark. Gifts to the Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse will count toward Bulldog Club Priority Point Program balances. Please consider making a gift and investing in the future of Hinkle Fieldhouse and Butler Athletics.