The Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse - History, Heart, Hinkle
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Barry Collier

"Ours is the national cathedral of basketball. "

Bob "Slick" Leonard

"It's our heritage. Our fathers, our grandfathers, played here. Hinkle Fieldhouse is where it all happened."

Bill Bradley

"When you walk in a place like Hinkle Fieldhouse, you realize you're in the heart of basketball country. This is where great things happen."

Bob Costas

"It's the basketball equivalent, or as close as you're gonna get, to walking into Wrigley or Fenway. It feels authentic. You have a sense, even if you don't know every specific of it, that some history happened here."

Oscar Robertson

"That was the ultimate. I mean, man! Just to be able to play at Butler Fieldhouse, get on the court. You heard so much about it, and you know, I thought it was mystical. It's like going to heaven to get on this court and play a basketball game."

Luke Winn

"Hinkle, the crown jewel of college basketball."

Luke Winn

"You don't have to be a Butlerite to love Hinkle. It's the gym you wish your old college team call home."

Tom Davis

"For surely, if God were to play basketball ­- and who says he doesn't? - he would want to do so in the most storied of all Indiana gymnasiums."