The Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse - History, Heart, Hinkle
Blue as a puppy

The Need

Hinkle Interior-GreyThe country's largest basketball arena for its first two decades, Hinkle Fieldhouse is honored on the National Register of Historic Places. To maintain Hinkle's distinctive look and structural integrity, Butler must make critical repairs and upgrades to the beloved "old barn."

Simultaneously, we will remodel the long unused swimming pool area on Hinkle's west side to house three levels of new classrooms, training facilities, locker rooms and offices. This will make room to expand the women's and men's basketball facilities, widen concourses and expand restrooms and concession areas.

Successful athletic programs are the inviting "front porch" from which many discover Butler University's outstanding academic programs. Student-athletes are some of our most motivated and high-achieving graduates. Improving their locker rooms, study space and training areas will encourage their efforts and aid in Butler's athletic recruitment and retention. Some coaches' and administrative offices will move to the former swimming pool area while others will be relocated to the building at 555 W. 52nd St. This new headquarters for baseball, softball, golf, tennis, and track and field/cross country will bring the programs closer to their practice and playing fields.