The Campaign for Hinkle Fieldhouse - History, Heart, Hinkle
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Preserve Hinkle

Preserve -HinkleThe heart and soul of Hinkle, "college basketball's crown jewel," are strong; the aging internal parts, not so much.

Hinkle Fieldhouse is bricks, beams, exciting games, sport legends, sun streaming in on a Saturday afternoon game, memories old and new. The entire building is infused with 85  years of deafening cheers, noble history, great events, famous people and a distinctive, star-studded past.

But Hinkle needs major infrastructure upgrades to protect the character and atmosphere that made it one of the nation's most famous basketball arenas. The upgrades won't alter appearance or structural integrity. Just like memories, the soul and heart of Hinkle will remain unchanged.

Hinkle is authentic; history happened here.

The architecture and engineering of Hinkle - the sixth oldest college basketball arena still in use and once the largest in the United States - add to its historic significance and role in transforming college basketball in the late 1920s and early 1930s. A national treasure, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated as one of 37 National Historic Landmarks in the state, the Fieldhouse  has a secure place in Indiana and United States history.

The most extensive preservation project in Hinkle's history will ensure viability and functionality and secure Hinkle's future, complete with all the memories.