My favorite Hinkle memory?

Chris Wirthwein, Hinkle Campaign Cabinet
Butler Class of: 1981

My favorite Hinkle memory? March 1st, 2003 - Avery Sheets' three-pointer at the buzzer to give us the league championship in a come-from-behind win against Milwaukee in front of a packed house. When that shot went in, the place went wild. People hugged and screamed and cried. It was one big crazy party - 11,000 people and nobody wanted to leave. And that team had a lot of basketball left in them…two NCAA tourney wins and a trip to the Sweet 16 for the first time in 40 years. Looking back, it feels like that Saturday afternoon in Hinkle Fieldhouse was the "big bang" that re-launched the Dogs as a national power. Coach Hinkle must have been smiling!