John Seal '70, MBA '75 ~ Parent

  1. The 1st game I played at Hinkle was as a junior in high school. Brookville played against Washington in the Sweet 16. I was noticed by Coach Hinkle and was offered the opportunity to play at Butler on scholarship.
  2. The Butler vs. Purdue in 1967. This was the only time I experienced an all-out brawl on the floor. BU won by 19.
  3. One of the best was Coach Hinkle's last game. It happened to be my last game also. We played Notre Dame and their 3 All Americans. They beat us by 7, 121 to 114.
  4. Ohio State played BU with ex-Butler coach Matta. BU was down by 20 in the 1st half and won big in the 2nd half.
  5. Xavier vs. Butler and the win by BU on a last second shot. We lost a drinking fountain after the game.
  6. Perhaps the most special was getting to see my daughter, Courtney, graduate with her MBA and Pharm-D. My wife was very ill, but willed herself to attend. She had told her Doctors that she wanted to be able to see her graduate.
  7. The turnout of several thousand people when the team returned from Salt Lake after having earned a trip to the Final Four.