How to Identify Trees

Welcome to the Friesner Herbarium, Butler University Tree Identification Site.  These pages were developed as a resource for the Tree Identification Workshop for K-12 Teachers sponsored by the Friesner Herbarium, The Indiana Department of Natural Resources - Division of Forestry - Urban Forest Conservation Grant Program, and the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District.  For further information about the workshop contact
These pages are not intended to be a comprehensive guide to tree identification, but will provide a starting point and basic information on how to identify trees common to Indiana.

Listed to the right are links to pages supplying further information about how to identify trees common to Indiana.  There are also links to pages about other tree topics and a page that lists links to other sites that provide additional information that may be especially helpful to educators.

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Tree Identification Tips

Tree Identification - Parts of a Tree

How Does a Tree Grow?

Glossary of Tree Terms

Links To Other Useful Tree  Identification and Information Sites

Butler Campus Tree Walk

Tree Walk in Autumn

Why Trees Change Color in Autumn

Trees with Spring Blooms