Spring Blooms - Trees of the Butler Campus Tree Walk

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black locust


black locust spring



Catalpa (Catalpa speciosa)

Blooms in late spring to early summer. Large (nearly one inch) white flowers with yellow and purple spots.

Eastern redbud
Eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis)

One of the first trees to flower in the early spring, small pea-like flowers give a purple cast to branches of this small tree.


Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida)

Blooms early to mid-spring.  The large white parts of the flowers which appear to be petals, are actually bracts.  The flowers are small and inconspicuous in the center of four bracts.

Hawthorn (Crataegus species)

Blooms mid-spring with fragrant white flowers.  Hawthorns are often planted as landscape trees.

Ohio Buckeye (Aesculus glabra)


Five leaflets comprise each leaf, coming out from a central point like fingers on a hand.  The tree has elaborate yellow flowers tinged with red in the early spring.

Osage Orange, Hedge Apple 
(Maclura pomifera)

In late spring the beginnings of the large ball shaped fruit which in later summer will develop a convoluted brain-like surface.  These fruits have natural insecticidal properties.



In early spring, inconspicuous wind-pollinated flowers are produced before the trees leaf out.

--White Oak (Quercus alba)

--Red Oak (Quercus rubra)

Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera)

The state tree of Indiana has yellowish-green tulip-shaped flowers borned in the early summer.