Friesner Herbarium

Inventory Site Information

Recent inventories of natural areas in Marion County, Indiana. Inventories conducted by Butler University staff and students unless otherwise indicated. Vouchers are housed in the Friesner Herbarium at Butler (BUT).

Site Year(s) Inventoried Acres Vouchers
Butler University Campus On-Going 325  
Cold Spring School 2004 39 X
Eagle Creek Nature Center 1998 20 X
Eagle's Crest State Nature Preserve 1997, 2007 296   
Fort Harrison State Park** 2006 1250 X
Indianapolis Museum of Art's Nature Park 2001, 2005 100  
Juan Solomon Park 1996 46 X
Marian University Ecolab* 2001 55   
Marott Park State Nature Perserve 1999 19   
Marott Park/Monon Trail 2002 50   
Mud Creek Conservancy 2004 23  
Southwestway Park 2004 88   
Swale at Southwestway Park* 1998      
Spring Pond State Nature Preserve 1996, 2007 44   
Town Run South Park 2003 69   
Woollen's Gardens 2003 38   
  Total Acres 2462  

*inventoried by Kevin Tungesvick, Spence Restoration nursery
** inventoried by Perry Scott for the Indianapolis Zoo

Other species inventories of interest:  (PDF files)

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Friesner Herbarium Specimen Database

Deam, Charles, Flora of Indiana (1940) - Archived e-book also available at:

Kartesz, John T., The Biota of North America Program (

Overlease, William and Edith 100 Years of Change in the Distribution of Common Indiana Weeds

Holliday Park (Marion County, Indiana) Species List. Also visit Holliday Park's website at: