Butler Prairie Pictures  --  Plants Blooming in June and July


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All information about the plants obtained from Tallgrass Prairie Wildflowers, A Falcon Field Guide, text by Doug Ladd, published in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy, 1995; Prairie Plants of the Midwest: Identification and Ecology, Russel R. Kirt, Stipes Publishing, L.L.C., 1995; Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers, Kay Yatskievych, Indiana University Press, 2000; and  Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada, 2nd Edition, Henry A. Gleason & Arthur Cronquist, published by the New York Botanical Garden, 1991.

All Photographs taken by Marcia Moore, Friesner Herbarium, Butler University, except where noted on individual pages .
Photographs may not be copied or used in any other manner without obtaining permission from the photographer.














(Penstemon digitalis)

Bee balm
(Monarda fistulosa)

Black-eyed Susan
(Rudbeckia hirta)

Butterfly weed
(Asclepias tuberosa)

ticktrefoil and clover

Canada ticktrefoil, showy ticktrefoil - foreground
(Desmodium canadense) and 

White prairie clover - background

(Petalostemum candidum)


Common milkweed
(Asclepias syriaca)

Compass plant
(Silphium laciniatum)

Curly dock
(Rumex crispus)

Daisy fleabane
(Erigeron annus)

False sunflower 
(Heliopsis helianthoides)

Pale coneflower
(Echinacea pallida)

Prairie dock
(Silphium terebinthinaceum)


Prairie, or pasture rose
(Rosa carolina)

liatris bloom

Prairie blazing star
(Liatris pycnostachya)

Purple coneflower
(Echinacea purpurea)

purple prairie clover
 Purple prairie clover
(Dalea purpurea)

Queen Anne's lace
(Daucus carota)

Rattlesnake master
(Eryngium yuccifolium)

Royal catchfly
(Silene regia)

Spiderwort, or Bluejacket
(Tradescantia ohiensis)

Stiff goldenrod
(Solidago rigida)

Trumpet creeper
(Campsis radicans)

white clover

White prairie clover
(Dalea candida)

White wild indigo
(Baptisia alba)

Yellow coneflower
(Ratibida pinnata)


Butler prairie in June

Prairie entrance in June

Yellow coneflowers and bee balm in June

Butler prairie in July



Butler prairie in July

Butler prairie in July

Butler prairie in July