Friesner Herbarium

Indiana Plant Atlas Project in Development


The Indiana Plant Atlas, funded by a Butler Innovation Grant, will provide a county-level interactive online Indiana species atlas.  We are currently funded for 3 years for development and maintenance of the site. The Atlas will contain all of the records from our Indiana specimen database (approximately 46,000), including the images from specimen sheets that have been digitally imaged (~ 20,000 so far).  We will be working with a team from the University of South Florida to provide the template which has successfully been used for three other states. In addition to posting our records, our hope is to build an Indiana Consortium of botanical collections from around the state.  This would include vouchered records from herbaria as well as documented inventories.  For more information, contact Rebecca Dolan at (317-940-9413) or Marcia Moore at (317-940-8302).