Following is a list of sites in Marion County, Indiana, that are open to the public and have good displays of spring wildflowers. Spring wildflowers are ones that are in bloom March through May, and are predominantly woodland species. Some sites have special events focusing on wildflowers and these are also listed. Where specific wildflowers are listed, the number preceding the scientific name refers to the one used in Field Guide to Indiana Wildflowers, by Kay Yatskievych, published 2001, by Indiana University Press.

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Butler Woods - from north-central I-465, take US31 (Meridian Street) south 5.5 miles to 49th Street, turn west (right) and go 0.5 miles, 49th Street turns south and becomes Sunset Avenue, just past that take Lake Road west (right), park on the north side of Lake Road and take the path into the woods. (This is part of Butler University and parking may be limited when school is in session.)

Occasional nature walks at noon.  Meet at the back door of Gallahue Hall for a Nature Walk, focusing on some aspect of wildflowers, ferns and their allies, or woody species led by Dr. Rebecca Dolan, Director of Friesner Herbarium. 317-940-9413.

Eagle Creek Park - from northwestern I-465, take 56th Street west 0.8 miles to Park entrance, turn north (right) and go 2.1 miles to parking lot at Nature Center-Lilly Lodge. There is a $2.00 gate fee through the week and $3.00 on the weekend. 317-327-7148. 

There is a "Native Woodland Plants" display just south of the Lilly Lodge where native species are planted and labeled.
The loop trail north of Lilly Lodge and the trail south of the Nature Center into the Bird Sanctuary are good wildflower trails. The Bird Sanctuary trail is a good place to view Eastern Shootingstar (395 Dodecatheon meadia).

Fort Harrison State Park - from northeastern I-465, take 56th Street east 2.2 miles to Post Road, turn north (left) and go 0.7 miles to the Park entrance. There is a state park gate fee. 317-591-0122.

Fall Creek Trail (2.2 miles loop) has the best display of spring wildflowers, the southern 1/2 along Camp Creek for earlier species and along Fall Creek for later species.


Glenns Valley Nature Park - from southwestern I-465, take US37 south 2.4 miles to Southport Road, turn east (left) and go 0.7 miles to Bluff Road, turn south (right) and go 1.3 miles to Glenns Valley Nature Park entrance on left. Park in the parking lot on the left side immediately inside the Park. Take the trail opposite the parking lot into the woods.

This is a small park with moderately good diversity. Unfortunately, it's very overrun by a large number of invasive exotics, making this park a sad example of what can happen to an urban woods if invasive exotics get out of hand.

Holliday Park - from north-central I-465, take US31 (Meridian St.) south 3.6 miles to 64th Street, turn west (right) and go 0.6 miles to Spring Mill Road (first stop sign), turn south (left) and turn left at the first road, then left at the fork and go 0.2 miles to the parking lot at Holliday Park Nature Center. 317-327-7180.

Holliday Park has unusally good diversity, but it's now nearly impossible to know which of the native species were actually native there and which were introduced by the Holliday family. 
Trail 6 has the best display of spring wildflowers. Behind the Nature Center, go down steep stone steps to pond, at the bottom go off to the left and up steps to begin Trail 6.
Twinleaf (61 Jeffersonia diphylla) can be seen on Trail 7.

Marott Park - from north-central I-465, take US31 (Meridian St.) south 2.5 miles to 75th St., turn east (left) and go 0.6 miles to College Ave., turn south (right) and go 0.1 miles to parking area on east side across from Park Tudor School. 317-327-7180.

Walk through the grassy area to the first trail into the woods on the left. There are good trails throughout the woods. This part of the park is actually Marott Park Nature Preserve, part of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Nature Preserves.

Southeastway Park - from southeastern I-465, take Emerson Avenue (exit 52) south 0.7 miles, turn east (left) on Thompson Road, go 6.8 miles to S. Carroll Road, turn south (right) and go 0.6 miles, turn west (right) at Southeastway Park sign (5624 S. Carroll Road), go 0.4 miles to the parking lot at the Park Office and Activity Center. 317-861-5167.

The trail at the northwest corner of the parking lot (near Picnic Area B) goes into a lovely woods with many easy trails meandering through it. There is good diversity. 

Southwestway Park - from southwestern I-465, take Mann Road south 2.6 miles to Southwestway Park sign (8400 S Mann Road) on left, turn east (left) and go 0.2 miles to parking lot. 317-327-7061. 

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