Health Services

Health Services Policies and Requirements

Health Insurance

It has been a long-standing policy of the University to require that students possess health insurance while attending Butler University. This policy protects a family's investment should unexpected medical issues arise. We also know that people seek healthcare at earlier stages when they possess insurance. Early assessment and treatment is particularly important in a highly residential environment such as our campus.

  • Full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates are required to possess health insurance comparable to the University sponsored plan.
  • International undergraduates must enroll in the University sponsored plan (with the exception of ISEP participants). International graduate students are eligible to enroll in the plan.

We collect students' health insurance information via an online process. On an annual basis all undergraduates, as stated above, will be requested to either provide their existing health insurance or enroll in the University sponsored program. Students who take no action by the July billing date will be automatically enrolled in and billed for the University sponsored plan. The charge may be removed by visiting the web site and completing the insurance waiver form by established deadlines.

Details on the University sponsored student injury and sickness plan is available at our Insurance Billing page.

Student Health Record: Medical History, Entrance Physical Exam, and Immunizations

Medical History Online
Physical Examination Form and Immunization Requirements

We require every domestic undergraduate and all international students to have a completed Student Health Record (SHR) on file at Health Services prior to beginning classes by August 1st for fall admission or January 30th for spring admission. All SHRs are reviewed for immunization compliance medicines, pertinent food allergies, chronic diseases and other health issues so that we may provide the appropriate services. This review occurs over the first few weeks of each semester.

For more information, visit our secure, online web portal called MyHealth.

Incomplete SHR

If Health Services does not receive an SHR or the information is incomplete, a hold may be placed on a student's registration for the following semester until requirements are met. Typically, SHRs are considered incomplete because the immunization records are missing or incomplete. Please fax (940-6403), scan/email (, or mail a copy of the official immunization record.


Health Services takes the following steps prior to placing a hold on student registration:

  • Audit all SHR for completeness
  • Students may receive a "waive" if in a middle of shot series i.e. Hepatitis B (3 shots)
  • Send a series of broadcast emails to all students through the Butler Connection e-mail system regarding the possibility of a hold due to missing SHR information reminding them to check their health record status through the MyHealth portal.

Due to FERPA/HIPAA regulations, all communication regarding the student's health information must be with the student. We will not be able to take a hold off until all information on the SHR is complete.

Required Physical

The required physical is to be performed and signed off by a M.D., A.N.P., PA-C or D.O. and is to be done within the preceding 12 months. All information must be in English. The Physical Exam Record is linked under the forms tab.

Class Excuse Policy

When a student is absent from a class/laboratory/examination for medical reasons, it is the student's responsibility to discuss this directly with the faculty member involved.

Health Services staff members can issue excuses for missing class that may cover the office visit or extend beyond the visit if the illness warrants. In the case of students who are hospitalized or who have a prolonged illness, students should contact the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (317 940-9570). With the permission of the student, instructors will be alerted to the student's situation.

Valid Medical and Religious Exemptions

A physician or clinic offering immunizations must document valid medical exemptions. A written letter from the physician or clinic stating the reason for the medical exemption and whether it is permanent or temporary is required and must be submitted for the exemption to be valid and approved.

Religious exemptions to vaccinations can be submitted. A form from Health Services will need to be completed as well. Both will be placed in your permanent health record.

You can download these exemption forms HERE.