Health Education and Outreach Programs

Greek Educators, Advocates and Resources

Greek Educators, Advocates, and Resources (GEAR) is a peer education program made up of sorority and fraternity members who promote well-being in their chapters. Education in alcohol abuse, sexual assault, healthy lifestyles and a variety of mental health issues allows the chapter representatives to recognize at-risk behaviors in their chapter, serve as a resource to their members and present programs to benefit the larger Greek community.

Program Description

GEAR is a program for members of Greek organizations to serve as resources and models to their peers, by providing education, support and referrals that promote wellness and well-being for Butler students.

A GEAR Representative is someone who:

  • Is available, responsive and open to all Butler students
  • Knows each member of their organization well enough to identify individual needs and concerns
  • Approaches and provides support and understanding to individuals who seem to be having difficulties
  • Acts as a first contact for individuals with questions or concerns
  • Maintains privacy and respect for the individual
  • Knows how to refer individuals to appropriate campus resources for professional help
  • Is aware of general crisis management procedures and follows one's respective national organization protocol
  • Serves as a consultant to group members and officers in dealing with situations or issues of concern
  • Serves as a liaison between group members and professional counseling staff and student affairs staff
  • Participates in planning and leading educational programs
  • Provides resources and educational information to group members
  • Seeks on-going supervision and consultation from other GEAR members and advisors
  • Participates in GEAR meetings and activities

Staff Advisors

Sarah Diaz,, 940-8311
Becky Druetzler,, 940-6590
Steve Hines,, 940-9385

For more information or to contact a GEAR representative, email or contact a staff advisor.