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As a campus dedicated to wellness, Butler University is proud to share MyStudentBody with incoming first-year and new transfer students. The MyStudentBody Essentials course provides online education about alcohol, drugs and sexual violence with interactive tools and personalized health information. The goal of the course is to increase knowledge, decrease harmful behaviors, and provide information to help students make positive decisions.

Butler University expects first-year and new transfer students to complete the MyStudentBody Essentials course. You must complete the course before arriving on campus. On this page, you'll find all of the information you need to get started!

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What do I need to know about MyStudentBody?

Before you get started, here's what you need to know:

  1. All first-year and new transfer students should complete the MyStudentBody Essentials Course before arriving on campus (no later than August 23, 2014 for students enrolled in classes for Fall 2014).
  2. All of your responses are completely confidential.
  3. Completion of the MyStudentBody Essentials course may take up to 3 hours. It is possible to break this time up and complete the course in segments if you wish.
  4. You must have Adobe Flash, RealAudio, and Adobe Acrobat Reader to run or view course content. These standard browsers and plug-ins are readily available on most web-enabled computers in the U.S.

(Note: International students may have difficulty accessing the site from their home countries. In this case, these students should wait until arriving on campus to complete the course.)

Getting Started on the MyStudentBody Essentials Course

Logging In

Go to and click REGISTER HERE to create your secure account.

MSB Login-1

Enter your email address, select a password, and enter BUTLERBULLDOGS as the school code.

 MSB Login-2

Follow the on-screen prompts to enter required security and demographic information. Click continue.

Complete MyStudentBody Modules

  1. From the My Stuff page, select the Essentials Course by clicking Take Now under Status. You will need to complete all three modules: Alcohol, Drugs, and Sexual Violence.
  2. Complete the questionnaire and pre-quiz for the selected module.
  3. Complete all module material.
  4. Complete the post-test.
  5. Complete the course survey.
  6. Once you see the Certificate of Completion you will know that you have completed MyStudentBody. You do not need to print off the certificate. Student Affairs at Butler University will be notified that students have completed the course. 

(Note: The course consists of multiple modules. Repeat steps 1-6 for each module required for the course. You must complete the course before arriving on campus with a passing score of 80. You will have 10 attempts to complete the course.)

You'll return to the My Stuff page after seeing your certificate of completion where you'll be free to explore other areas of the website such as the library in the Student Center or ask questions in the Advice area.

For Technical Support and Questions:

Click Site Help at the bottom of every screen on MyStudentBody to get answers to common questions. If you have a question about course deadlines or other campus-specific issues, please contact

Follow-up Assessment

All courses include a follow-up assessment that helps you see how you have changed since you took the course. You will receive an email 90 days after you complete the course asking you to log in to MyStudentBody and complete the 10-minute assessment. Please fill out the assessment as soon as possible. The information learned from this assessment will help improve alcohol and drug educational programs on your campus. Your responses will be completely confidential.

IMPORTANT: Please add to your list of approved senders to make sure the follow-up email reaches you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing issues with the website, review these questions first as they may provide the answer. If you are having technical problems that can't be solved by the suggestions here, send an email describing the problem to If you have general questions about the program here on campus, please send an email to

Course Content Questions

1. How do I know if I need to take the MyStudentBody Essentials Course?

You are asked to take the Essentials Course if you are an incoming first year or transfer student. The deadline for new students enrolled for Fall 2014 is August 23, 2014.The online course must be passed with an 80% or higher.

2. What is the school code?


3. How do I know if I've passed the MyStudentBody Essentials Course?

If you've passed (achieved an 80% or higher on each of the 3 modules of the course), you will be directed to a certificate of completion for the entire course. The certificate does not need to be printed. Student Affairs at Butler University will be notified that students have completed the course.

4. I finished taking MyStudentBody Essentials Course, but I failed to pass the post quiz for one of the modules. What should I do?

You will need to retake the course module, carefully reading the articles and strategies. You must obtain a passing score of at least 80% on the post-quiz.  If you have used up your allotted attempts to take the course and need more, please contact to ask for more to be added.   Please give your UserID, first name, and last name so that your account can be found in the system.

5. I'm under 21. Can I be sure that no one sees my answers about my drinking?

All of the information you provide is completely confidential. You do not have to worry about anyone from Butler University connecting your individual responses with you.  Responses are compiled into a complete report, but individual student responses are not included in this report.

6. Whom do I contact with additional questions?


Technical Difficulties

1. I am a returning user and have forgotten my username and/or password. Help!

If you think you know your username, then click the "Forgot" link under the password box. You'll be prompted to enter your email address in another box to have a link sent for resetting your password. Make sure to enter the email address you used when you registered for MyStudentBody.

2. I am taking the Essentials course, and I've received a pop-up page that says "Page Cannot Be Displayed." Why is this happening?

If you see the "page cannot be displayed" message, then hit the "refresh" button on your browser. If you continue to get this message, then click the "Logout" button, close your browser completely, reopen it, and log back in. MSB will direct you to where you stopped the course.

3. My sound doesn't work. How do I fix it?

You should first check your computer to make sure your speakers are correctly hooked up and turned on. Turn your speakers up to a volume that is comfortable for you, and restart the segment that uses sounds. If you are visiting MSB from a public place like a computer lab, you may want to use headphones to listen to the audio segments

4. I can't seem to see any tools or peer stories. Can you help?

A browser plug-in is required to view the (Flash) tools and animated peer stories. If you cannot see any tools or peer stories, you probably do not have this plug-in installed on your computer. You can download the "Macromedia Shockwave Player" for free by using the link at the bottom of any MSB page or by visiting the following URL:

5. I'm a returning user and I have tried to login with my correct UserID and password, but the system reports I don't have an account.  When I try to set up an account with my Butler email again, it says that UserID is already taken.  How can I get back in to access my account without having to take the course over again?

Please contact and explain your situation.  You should receive a response within 24 hours with a temporary password to get back into your account.  Once you've accessed your account, please create a new password.

6. On the Registration page, I've filled out my information, but the box to click for "Terms of Use" won't let me click it. What's going on?

The box will not be accessible to you until you've opened the link for Terms of Use.  This is to help ensure that users read the agreement before clicking the box.  After you've opened the Terms of Use and closed it, you should be able to click the box and move on.