Greek Life

Housing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If my son/daughter joins a fraternity/sorority, will he/she be required to live in a chapter house?

A: In all likelihood, 'yes'.
The requirements for each organization vary. This is an excellent question to raise during recruitment. Typically, all members must live in the facility until the facility is at capacity. Once at capacity, additional policies and procedures come into effect. Students holding membership in a Greek organization should be aware of all applicable rules before making plans to live elsewhere.

Q: Are Greek houses owned by the university?

A: All chapter house facilities are owned by an alumni/ae corporation board.
These alumni/alumnae volunteers are responsible for the upkeep of the facility, establishing the cost of room and board, and managing the facility's staff. Living arrangements vary from chapter to chapter as to how many members reside in the chapter house and in each room. All womens' facilities are alcohol-free; mens facilities vary. Some chapters employ cooks and offer a meal plan; plans vary. Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors may live in a chapter house; due to occupancy limits, housing cannot be guaranteed for members of a chapter.

Most chapters participate in an optional Greek billing service through Residence Life/Student Accounts. Greek room and board charges for those chapter members will appear on the student's statement from Butler. Chapters that do not use the service are: Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, and Pi Beta Phi; each of their respective house corporations will bill each student resident directly.

Q: How do the Greek housing costs compare to Butler's residence halls?

A: Costs are per semester, 2014-2015, and are subject to change.
Additional dues and fees may be charged separately from room and board.

Fraternity Housing Room Charge Per Semester Board Per Semester
Delta Tau Delta $3750 *
Lambda Chi Alpha $2876 $3010
Phi Delta Theta $3670 $1950
Phi Kappa Psi $3150 *
Sigma Chi $3745 $1875
Sigma Nu $3881 double
$4131 single

* No meal service at chapter house; students may purchase university meal plan.


Sorority  Housing Room Charge Per Semester Board Per Semester
Alpha Chi Omega $2649 $1365
Alpha Phi $1900 $1900
Delta Delta Delta $1770 $1975
Delta Gamma $1497 $ 805
Kappa Alpha Theta $1910 $1970
Kappa Kappa Gamma $1988 $1910
Pi Beta Phi $2293



University Housing

Room Charge Per Semester***

Board Per Semester
Residential College $2880 $3080
Ross Hall $2580 $3080
Schwitzer Hall $2580 $3080

University Terrace/CTS

Butler Terrace


Not required

 ***Based on double occupancy


Q: Who should I contact if there is a question regarding my son/daughter's housing contract?

A: Contact the chapter's house corporation board.
Questions about a bill from the university can be directed to the Office of Residence Life at (317) 940-9458.


Q: How are payments handled if students have loans, scholarships, etc.?

A: For members of chapters billing through Butler, loans/scholarships covering room and board will be handled just as if the student were in a residence hall (see above).
For members of other chapters, there will be a credit on the student's account after tuition and fees have been covered; a refund can be requested by the student to pay for room and board at the chapter house. In both cases, there may be an additional amount charged for chapter dues, etc. not covered in room and board.

For more information, or to obtain contact information for a house corporation board, contact the Office of Greek Life at (317) 940-6590.