Center For Global Education

Butler Faculty-led Programs - 2014

The following faculty-led programs are being planned.  The site will be updated with more information (such as program description, dates, and prices) as it is available. If you have questions, please contact the faculty member directly.  Applications deadlines vary by program. Please inquire with the faculty member as early as possible. Most summer groups are fully formed by February 2014.

January 2014

  • MBA Study Trip to Chile, January 2-12, led by Dr. Roberto Curci (
  • COPHS Medical Spanish Study Trip to Costa Rica, December 30-January 11, led by Professor Gala Kennedy (

Spring Break, 2014

  • College of Business Undergraduate Study Trip to Argentina, March 7 - 15, led by Dr. Sheryl-Ann Stephen ( 

Summer Session I, 2014

  • Archaeology in Greece, six weeks in June and July (dates TBD), led by Dr. Lynne Kvapil (
  • Tropical Biology in Panama, May 25 - June 7, led by Dr. Travis Ryan ( 
  • College of Communication (media arts) Study Trip to Germany, May 17 - 30, led by Dr. Ken Creech ( 
  • London Leadership Program, May 16 - June 6, led by Dr. Chuck Williams ( 
  • French culture study trip (Bretagne yesterday and today), dates TBD,  led by Dr. Eloise Sureau-Hale ( 
  • Religion in Israel/Palestine, May 14 - 22, led by Dr. James McGrath ( 
  • Intensive Spanish in Costa Rica, May 11 - 31, led by Dr. Irune del Rio Gabiola ( 
  • Jordan Jazz Study Trip to Hong Kong and Cambodia, June 26 - July 10, led by Dr. Tim Brimmer (
  • Theatre Department study program in Russia, May 30 - July 3, led by Dr. Elaina Artemiev ( 
  • College of Education Undergraduate Study Trip to France and Spain, May 18 - 29, led by Dr. Deb Lecklider ( 
  • College of Education Graduate Counseling Study Trip to Europe, June2 - 12, led by Dr. Tom Keller ( 
  • College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Study Trip to China (Traditional Chinese Medicine), dates TBD, led by Dr. Carrie Maffeo ( 
  • MFA Writing Program in France, dates TBD, led by Dr. Michael Dahlie ( 

 Summer Session II, 2014

  • College of Education Graduate EPPSP Study Trip to Sweden and Finland, July 7 - 16, led by Dr. Marilyn Sudsberry (
  • Shakespeare in Performance, August dates TBD), led by Dr. Bill Walsh ( 
  • MBA Study Trip to Brazil or China, dates TBD, led by Dr. Roberto Curci (