Center For Global Education


Global Adventures in the Liberal Arts

Butler's Spring 2013 GALA - Global Adventures in the Liberal Arts - study abroad program will provide up to 20 students the opportunity to spend an entire semester traveling in Europe while taking Butler core classes. Taught by Butler professors, the classes will be a blend of classroom and on-site lectures, discussions, site visitations, written assignments and exams. The Spring 2013 program will take place in: 

Spain * France * Belgium * the Netherlands * England * Ireland

The group will spend two to three weeks in each location, which will allow you time to explore the sights and sounds of the various settings.  You will earn a total of 15 credit hours and fulfill core or general elective requirements as well as waive one semester of Global Historical Studies (GHS) classes by successfully completing this program.  The program is designed to fulfill CORE requirements (divisions 1-4) that typically sophomores take; however, students who have already fulfilled CORE requirements can still participate!  No foreign language proficiency is required.

You will pay your regular tuition to Butler University and will be able to apply 100 percent of your institutional aid (i.e., Butler scholarships) to your tuition costs.

Priority Application due to Center for Global Education by April 1, 2012. Pick one up in JH212 or at the Interest Meeting on Thursday, February 23, 2012 in JH112 (food provided!)


Introduction to Prose: Travel Writing

(3 credits - Perspectives in the Creative Arts)

Taught by Dr. Ania Spyra (English), GALA director, throughout the program

Political Islam in Paris

(3 credits - Social World)

Taught by Dr. Sholeh Shahrokhi (Anthropology) in Paris

Modernizing and Contemporary Europe

(3 credits - Global and Historical Studies)

Taught by Dr. Antonio Menendez (Sociology) in Paris and Brussels

Free Thought and Its Defenders

(3 credits - Text and Ideas)

Taught by Dr. Tiberiu Popa (Philosophy) in Amsterdam

Ireland's Divided Legacies: The Republic and the North

(3 credits - T&I or Social World)

Taught by Dr. Ania Spyra (English), GALA director, in Dublin, Belfast, (London) Derry, and Galway