Center For Global Education

Continental Europe

Country, City, Program

Austria, Linz, Graz, and Salzburg, ISEP*

Austria, Vienna, IES

Balkans, Zagreb, SIT

Belgium, Brussels, ISEP*

Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, ISEP*

Czech Republic, Brno, ISEP*

Czech Republic, Prague, IPSL

Czech Republic, Prague, SIT

Denmark, Aalborg, ISEP*

Estonia, Tartu, ISEP*

Finland, multiple cities, ISEP*

France, Nantes, Butler Exchange at Audencia School of Management*

France, Marseille, Butler Exchange at EuroMed Management*

France, multiple cities, ISEP*

France, Montpellier, University of Minnesota

France, Montpellier, IPSL

France, Strasbourg, BCA

France, Nantes and Paris, IES

France, Toulouse, SIT

Germany, Tübingen, Butler Exchange at University of Tübingen*

Germany, Friedrichshafen, Butler Exchange at Zeppelin University*

Germany, multiple cities, ISEP*

Germany, Berlin and Freiburg, IES

Germany, Heidelberg, Heidelberg College

Germany, Marburg, BCA

Germany, Munich, Wayne State University

Greece, Athens, Arcadia University

Greece, Thessaloniki, American College of Thessaloniki

Greece, Thessaloniki, IPSL

Greece, Athens, BCA

Hungary, Debrecen, ISEP*

Iceland, Reykjavik, ISEP*

Italy, Milan, Pavia and Urbino, ISEP*

Italy, Rome, John Cabot University

Italy, Florence and Perugia, Arcadia University

Italy, Rome, Temple University

Latvia, Riga, ISEP*

Lituania, Vilnius, ISEP*

Malta, Msida, ISEP*

The Netherlands, Maastricht, Butler Exchange at University of Maastricht*

The Netherlands, multiple cities, ISEP*

Norway, Bodø and Vestfold County, ISEP*

Poland, Wroclaw, ISEP*

Portugal, Lisbon, ISEP*

Spain, Alcalá (Fall Only), Butler Semester in Spain*

Spain, multiple cities, ISEP*

Spain, Madrid, St. Louis of Madrid (limited to science and engineering students)

Spain, Seville and Alicante, CC-CS

Sweden, multiple cities, ISEP*

Switzerland, Zurich, Butler Exchange at the University of Zurich*

Switzerland, Bern, Fribourg, Lausanne-Dprigny, and Zürich , ISEP*

Switzerland, Geneva, Kent State University


* Exchange Program


Program Websites

Butler Semester in Europe GALA Europe

Butler University Semester in Spain

Butler Exchange at Audencia Nantes School of Management

Butler Exchange at EuroMed Management

Butler Exchage at University of Tübingen

Butler Exchange at Zeppelin University

Butler Exchange at Maastricht University

Butler Exchange at the University of Zurich

American College of Thessaloniki    

Arcadia University

Augsburg College

BCA (Brethren Colleges Abroad)

CC-CS  (Center for Cross-Cultural Study)

IES  (International Education of Students)

IPSL (International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership)

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

Heidelberg College

John Cabot University

Kent State University

Miami University of Ohio

SIT (School for International Training)

St. Louis University in Madrid   

Temple University

University of Minnesota

Valparaiso University

Wayne State University