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Where Can I Go?

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The study abroad programs in this section have been approved for the participation of Butler undergraduate students. Study abroad programs marked "Exchange" indicate opportunities for BU students to enroll directly as international exchange students while exchanging places with a degree-seeking student at a foreign institution. This model provides for an enriching cultural experience and is recommended for students who are prepared to independently engage in a study abroad experience at a foreign institution. Some of these exchange opportunities have been developed by Butler; others are available through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP).

All other study abroad programs afford students the opportunity to either complete courses at study centers designed for American students or by facilitating enrollment at local universities. Many programs also include internship placements and educational excursions, as well as local orientation programs and student support services via on-site staff.

One of these study abroad programs is the Institute for Study Abroad (IFSA-Butler), founded on Butler's campus in 1988. IFSA-Butler is one of the main study abroad program providers for Butler students. While all of IFSA-Butler's programs are high quality, only the programs included in this section are part of Butler's approved programs.

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