Center For Global Education

Congratulations on your decision to go abroad!!

On this website, you will find instructions about paperwork you need to complete before departure as well as links to resources that can help you as you prepare.

MANDATORY Pre-Departure Orientation for all students going abroad during Summer 2015 or Fall 2015 (please note, summer faculty-led programs will offer their own pre-departure orientation). 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

4:30 p.m. in PB103

Food Provided

Please RSVP to Judy Malarney at

Checklist of Paperwork to be turned in by April 10, 2015.  Paperwork can be picked up from and returned to JH212.

  1. Declaration of Intent to Study Abroad
  2. Statement of Financial Responsibility
  3. Assumption of Risk and Release Form
  4. Study Abroad Course Approval Form (List of who to contact in each department for course equivalency)

                   **Please see instructions below for CORE credit equivalency**

Additional Responsibilities

  • Submit your study abroad program's required forms
  • Complete an Intent to Vacate form to the Office of Residence Life (AU303), if necessary
  • Apply for or update your passport (if necessary).
  • Inform your parents or guardians of the procedure to get a passport - so they have proper travel documents if necessary.
  • Make travel arrangements, if necessary
  • See if you need a visa into study abroad location, check with the consulate of the country you are going to.
  • Register with the U.S. State Department
  • Make sure your immunizations are up to date for your study abroad location
  • Check on your personal health insurance coverage
  • Talk with your parents or guardians about filling out a Power of Attorney before departure.  This grants another person the legal authority or permission to make decisions about your affairs while you are abroad.  If interested, you can google for the form and fill it out in front of a notary.

If you are looking to get CORE credit for classes you take abroad, please see the process below.

**Process for obtaining approval for core courses when Studying Abroad**

There is a separate form to be filled out for core courses. To get approval for courses you take when abroad to count in Butler's Core Curriculum, you must have the approval of the chair of the department/program director for the area that is closest to the topic of each course you plan to take (see list below).  You and your advisor must also sign the form. When you've gotten all the signatures, take the core form
to JH209 for the Faculty Core Director's signature

AR - Contact the department teaching the class, such as MA, CS

GHS - Contact Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh

NW - Contact the department teaching the class, such as BI, PS

PCA - Contact Michelle Jarvis

PWB - Contact Lisa Farley

SW - Contact the department teaching the class, such as SO, JR, COB, PO, etc.

TI - Contact the department teaching the class, such as CL, EN, PL, RL, STS, etc.


Study Abroad Handbook

We have put together a handbook that addresses many issues student's face while preparing to go abroad as well as while living overseas.  Please download this handbook and refer to it as needed.


If you need to store items in the Indianapolis area while you are overseas, renting space through this service might be helpful.


To request disability-related accommodations or inquire about accessibility, please contact (Jill McKinney,, 317-940-8473).   Please allow two weeks advance notice in order to allow adequate time to make arrangements.  Although attempts will be made to honor accommodation requests with less notice, it cannot be guaranteed that without two weeks notice a reasonable accommodation can be provided.