Center For Global Education

Butler's Global Adventures in the Liberal Arts (GALA)

Program Overview

Accompanied by a Butler faculty member, up to 20 students travel for an entire semester in a particular world region and complete a total of 15 credits.  The courses are all taught by Butler faculty members and are designed to satisfy several core curriculum requirements students would usually take during their sophomore year.  The Faculty Director usually teaches two courses throughout the semester.  Three other faculty members offer two-week intensive courses at different times during the semester, with the course content closely related to, and designed to take advantage of, the location of the group at the time.

The GALA program is normally offered during the spring semester.  Previous destinations have included Europe, Latin America, and Asia.  The regional destination for spring semester, 2015, is open.

Faculty roles:

1)      Semester-long Faculty Director: 

One Butler faculty member with solid knowledge and experience in the region of focus travels with the student group for the entire semester.  S/he typically teaches two 3-credit courses during the semester and is responsible for group management and student well-being on a 24/7 basis.


2)      Instructor for a two-week intensive course in a particular location:

Three faculty members join the group at different times during the semester to teach intensive courses related to the group's location.   

Program Assistant role:

For each previous GALA program, we have created a Program Assistant position to insure that we always have at least two responsible adults accompanying the student group.  This allows us to respond to situations where the group might need to be split (for example, if a student becomes ill or is injured and requires medical treatment).  In the past, it has worked out that we were able to appoint the spouse/partner of the Faculty Director to this position.  Other arrangements are also possible.

Center for Global Education Role:

The Center for Global Education serves as the coordinating body for the GALA programs.  CGE works with the Faculty Director and intensive course instructors to develop a semester-long itinerary; identifies academic travel organizations that can assist with logistics; and performs all of the program management and administrative functions that are required.  Please contact CGE Director Monte Broaded (940-8312; with any questions or suggestions you may have.