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Applying For Overseas Study

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Once you've thought about your goals and motivations for studying abroad and considered what kind of program you're seeking (and why), you're ready to begin the application process. Study abroad is selective and based primarily upon academic criteria. As study abroad is becoming increasing popular and space in programs is limited, programs fill quickly. The Center for Global Education recommends that students apply to a first and second choice program. Application procedures differ depending on the program to which you are applying.

Exchange Programs

Students interested in participating in an exchange program should obtain the appropriate exchange student application directly from the Center for Global Education. Students participating on Butler University's reciprocal exchange programs, should submit the Exchange Student Application by February 15 for Fall semester study and September 15 for Spring semester study. Once the Center for Global Education has nominated the exchange student participants, the host University will begin to send you additional application materials to complete with instructions on how to proceed. ISEP participants should submit the ISEP application directly to the Center for Global Education for review and processing. Deadlines for ISEP applications are generally in early February for Fall semester study and early September for Spring semester study.

Study Abroad Programs

All study abroad programs have specific eligibility requirements, and selection is based upon a review of the study abroad application, letters of recommendation, all college-level transcripts, and the fulfillment of any additional requirements at the time of application. The Office for Study Abroad maintains program materials and applications for most programs on the University's list of Approved Programs for Overseas Study. If an application for a particular program is not available, it is likely to be found on the program's website.

Most applications contain a form that the University is required to complete to indicate approval for your participation. This form usually asks about your academic qualifications and judicial record. If your application contains such a form, you submit this form directly to the Center for Global Education. The Center for Global Education will complete the review of your academic and judicial record and send the form directly to the program sponsor upon completion. All students are notified by email when their forms have been sent. The academic and judicial review requires obtaining information from other offices on campus, so anticipate a minimum of one week for the Center for Global Education to process your form.

Students are responsible for submitting the remainder of the application directly to the program sponsor, including the Butler transcript and letter(s) of recommendation as required. Many programs review applications on a rolling basis, so it could be to your advantage to apply well in advance of the application due date.

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