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Planning To Go Abroad

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Six Steps to Study Abroad

  1. Assess your present academic situation. If you have not spoken to your academic advisor about study abroad, it is important that you do so before applying for a study abroad program. To help you make your decision, you are also encouraged to speak to professors about your academic interests. You will also want to consider your geographical and cultural interests in addition to your language ability if you want to study in a non-English speaking country.

  2. Attend a Study Abroad Information Session. These sessions are held regularly throughout the semester and you will receive detailed information about the entire study abroad process that will help you as you plan to study abroad. You will receive the Study Abroad Planner that will continue to guide you through the Study Abroad Process.

  3. Research programs from the list of Approved Programs for Overseas Study. Use the list to research programs available that meet your academic and personal goals in regions of the world that interest you. Take the time to talk to past program participants and international students as you conduct your research. You may also obtain study abroad brochures/catalogs from the Center for Global Education in JH 212.

  4. Narrow your program selections to two or three programs. If it's difficult to identify programs that would satisfy your academic and cultural interests, make an appointment with the Associate Director. Review your program selections with your academic advisor to make sure that courses offered in these programs will complement your course of study at Butler.

  5. Apply to your selected study abroad program(s) by the published deadline. If applicable, submit the Program Approval Form to the Center for Global Education. For exchange programs, submit the application directly to the Center for Global Education. For non-exchange programs, submit the application directly to the study abroad program provider.
  6. Obtain the Butler Pre-Departure Packet. Packets may be obtained from the Center for Global Education (JH212) at the start of the semester prior to departure.

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