University Development

Cash Gifts

Cash gifts given annually are vital to Butler and its students. Butler offers a high quality educational experience that needs support and nurturance for continued success. Your annual gift touches every aspect of the educational community that Butler represents.

Making a gift online or writing a check are the easiest ways to give, but there are other giving options, too. For instance, we can help you set up a charitable electronic funds transfer. Each month, your gift to Butler is automatically made without the hassle of writing checks. Even small monthly contributions add up to big support for Butler.

Magnify your contribution through your employer's matching gift program, and your support will make an even bigger impact on quality higher education at Butler. (To find out if your employer sponsors a matching gift program, search the online CASE Matching Gift Company Search.)

You may direct your gift to any area of support you wish. With your help, we can continue to offer scholarships to deserving students, maintain and improve our campus, offer classes taught by distinguished faculty and support the university's mission with expert staff.