College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Gender Studies

About Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

Why Gender Studies?

The major in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) is an interdisciplinary program founded on the premise that gender, sexuality, class, race and other markers of difference are historical and intersecting constructs affecting all persons.  GWSS offers students a unique opportunity to question and challenge the power structures that perpetuate privilege and inequality.  This program provides a formalized setting for students to interrogate identity and agency locally & globally and across time & space.

What Will I Study?

GWSS students take courses from forward-looking faculty representing a variety of Colleges and with exceptional expertise in a range of disciplines, including anthropology, art, history, language, communication, public health, sociology, philosophy and political science. Through optional GWSS internships, students can apply theoretical knowledge to employment and community-based learning experiences.

What Can I Do?

Students with GWSS expertise are sought after to work in a diverse and rapidly changing world in a variety of professions and occupations, such as public administration, social services, business, the arts, law, public health, and media. Additionally, a GWSS degree provides students with a foundation for graduate work in a variety of academic disciplines.