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Gender Studies


NOTE: A variety of courses outside of the "GWS" rubric and from departments across campus are offered every semester for GWSS credit. See the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies section of Butler University's "Schedule of Classes."

GWS 100 - Perspectives in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
Designed to introduce students to the wide range of topics addressed in gender, women's and sexuality studies. The course is largely made up of guest lectures given by faculty from a variety of disciplines across campus. Open to non-minors. Pass-fail credit. (U) (1)

GWS 101 - Introduction to Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
An interdisciplinary introduction to key topics, concepts, and approaches in gender, women's and sexuality studies. The shaping of experience, culture, and ideology by gender, race, and sexuality are central. The development of feminism, feminist theory, the globalization of feminism and queer theory will be addressed using comparative and transnational perspectives. (U) (3)

GWS 102 - Intersections of Identity
This course will explore the social construction of difference and inequality with particular focus on gender, race, sexuality, and class. Students will interrogate dominant ideologies and develop an understanding of how systems of inequality impact everyone's daily lives. (U)(3)

GWS 202 - Resistance for Social Change
This course will examine social justice movements both within and beyond the United States. Taking an interdisciplinary, intersectional approach, students will investigate how marginalized groups, such as people of color, gays, women, and workers, have demanded greater rights and responsibilities.  

GWS 300 - Philosophy of Feminism
Introduces students to the philosophical method of thinking out issues that confront women in contemporary American society and which challenge all of us. The course's primary focus is the study of feminist responses to issues such as gender socialization, reproductive rights, affirmative action, pornography, beauty, eco-feminism, alternative families and others. Prerequisite: GS 100 (U) (3)

GWS 301 - Gender Studies: Theory and Method
Teaches the process of gender critique by applying that process to materials in the content area chosen by the instructor. This may range from literature to music to political theory. Students will engage in the inquiry about how gender critique affects the material to which it is applied. This or GS 201 is required for the minor. Open for non-minors. (U) (3)

GWS 302/303 - Topics in Gender Studies
Selected topics of significance in gender studies. (U) (2, 3)

GWS 304 - Feminist and Queer Studies
This course investigates the central concepts of critical theory through the exploration of the overlapping terrains of women's and gender studies, feminist and queer theory. Prerequisites: GWS 102 and 202 or junior/senior status.(U)(3)

GWS 400 - Internship/Practicum in Gender Studies
Designed to give students the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to every day experience through a volunteer position, internship, or employment in a setting where they can explore gender issues. The student will work in conjunction with a faculty member; the project must be approved by a Committee on Gender Studies and Issues. Requirement of the minor. Prerequisite: GS 100 or GS 300, junior standing and completion of 6 hours of electives. (U) (3)

GWS 401/02 - Independent Study
Offers the qualified student of gender studies the opportunity to pursue a topic of individual interest. Open only to seniors, by permission of the instructor. (U) (1, 2)

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