Financial Aid

Read what parents and students say about using the Office of Financial Aid as an essential resource throughout their Butler careers.


Student's Name: Kyle
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Business Double Major, MIS and Marketing
Hometown: Brookville, Indiana

"As a parent of a first-year college student, I was completely overwhelmed! I cannot begin to express how wonderful the staff at the Butler University Office of Financial Aid was in helping me through this process!  They were very patient and courteous with me regarding my never-ending questions and/or concerns about scholarships, grants, government loans, private loans, etc. The compassion they conveyed to me, not only as a new parent last year, but also as a returning parent this year, has been amazing and, quite honestly, an absolute Godsend!"

-Diane (Parent)



Student's Name: Aaron
Current Year at Butler: Freshman
Major: Digital Media Production
Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

"What can I say about Butler University financial aid office?" "Nothing but great things."  It was such a wonderful stress free experience especially the one on one attention we received from Jacque Mickel. She was great, patient, and kind. She helped us understand the process and answered every question with ease."

-Sherri (Parent)



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Student's Name: Angelina
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Business 
Hometown: Brentwood, Tennessee

"When our daughter Angelina applied for admission to Butler University, we had a lot of e-mail and telephone contact with the Office of Financial Aid. All the staff members we talked to were very professional, courteous and dedicated. They were prompt in responding to any questions and concerns we had. Special thanks also go to Ms. Leslie Middleton in the Office of Financial Aid. She had the most patience answering any questions we had, explaining how the whole process worked, and following up to make sure things were done. Her professionalism and dedication best represent Butler University."

-Yan-xia & Wang-fu (Parents)


Student's Name: Madeleine
Current Year at Butler: Freshman
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin

"Butler was my daughter's first (and only) choice for college. She will be our second child in college and I worried about how we were going to finance both our kid's educations! While I knew the forms I needed to complete I didn't know where we were going to be able to come up with funds to pay for a "Butler Education". Butler's Financial Aid office to the rescue! They patiently answered my many questions - quickly I might add - whether it be by phone or by email. I was never so relieved as when I received the final award and billing statement. NO WORRIES. SO impressed with Butler's Financial Aid Office!!" 

-Tammy (Parent)


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Student's Name: Michael
Current Year at Butler: Sophomore
Major: Pre Physician Assistant
Hometown: Batavia, Illinois

"If not for the Office of Financial Aid, my son would not be attending Butler. In fact, I had assumed that aid would not be available.  If not for Deb Quirin, and her efforts to continue our conversation with a series of questions, I would have ended our phone call ready to send him to another school.  Butler has a better program for my son's curriculum and major, and absolutely has made the right choice! I cannot thank Deb enough for the opportunity she has helped make possible for my son."

-John (Parent)



Student's Name: Hunter
Current Year at Butler: Junior
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Newburgh, Indiana

"When Hunter was offered a position with the football team, he knew Butler was his #1 choice. The football program worked with Financial Aid early on to help us understand the financial implications of a Butler education. They made us feel welcomed and at home at Butler, while guiding us personally through every step of the process. We chose Butler for its reputation, but felt overwhelmed with the financial impact and processes, associated costs, scholarships and financial aid. The Office of Financial Aid assisted us with clear explanations and recommendations and was readily available when we had questions."

-Larry & Beth (Parents)


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Student's Name: Tanner 
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Finance
Hometown: Evansville, Indiana

"Butler University's Office of Financial Aid has been outstanding to work with. Tanner is our family's fourth college student. The University has been very sensitive to our financial challenges with consistent and timely communication.  The Office of Financial Aid came through for our family more than once in Tanner's 4 years at Butler. We are proud to be a Butler family and could not have finished without your help!"

-Mike (Parent)



Student's Name: Bryce
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Education
Hometown: St. Charles, Illinois

"Without a doubt, the Butler Office of Financial Aid is staffed with caring confident, listening people who are very well educated in the wild world of financial aid.  It is a pleasure to work with such a competent group. We are grateful for the unflagging support and patience shown by all."

-Blake & Donna (Parents)





Student's Name: Audrey
Current Year at Butler: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Crawfordsville, Indiana

"Jacqueline Mickel has been wonderful with helping us get answers to all of our financial aid questions. I feel that she is an excellent representation for Butler University and their Office of Financial Aid. The personal touch I received is one reason why my daughter chose Butler and we have not been disappointed."

-Kim (Parent)




Student's Name: Jesse
Current Year at Butler: Sophomore
Major: Finance
Hometown: North Manchester, Indiana

"As my first child prepared to attend Butler University, I admit I was paralyzed with fear about the financial obligations. Scholarships, grants and student loans were areas I had no experience in dealing with. Butler University's Office of Financial Aid made everything easy to understand and removed my fear. They are friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, compassionate and very easy to contact. I trust them whole-heartedly with my money and my son! Butler University's Office of Financial Aid is AWESOME!"

-Valerie (Parent) 


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Student's Name: Michael
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan

"During the process of choosing a university we have encountered numerous staff and students of the university. All of which were very helpful, gracious and respectful. However, one person stood out above the rest during this process and that person is Jacque Mickel. From our initial interview on the weekend of the big snow storm to registration. She even recognized us walking on campus one Friday afternoon and took time away from her family to chat with us. She was always respectful and never talked down to us. She listened and heard what we had to say and provided answers to all of our questions. Never did I wait more than a few hours for a response to an email.

She was always pleasant and easy to talk with while making you feel that your concerns were just as important to her as they were to you. She is one of the main reasons I am proud to say my son is attending Butler. I greatly appreciate her assistance and look forward to the next four years and developing a friendship with her and the rest of staff at Butler."

-Doug (Parent)



Student's Name: Britny
Current Year at Butler: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Colfax, Indiana

"I have always had very positive experiences with the Butler University Office of Financial Aid. They respond very quickly to emails and give me the exact information that I need in order to take care of my finances. I was going through a very rough financial situation this past summer and needed some assistance for this school year.  The Office of Financial Aid gave me some excellent information about Parent PLUS loans and how there were ways for me to get some extra money that I had not had in past years. The staff is very helpful and efficient and always knows exactly what my options are."




Student's Name: Kristina
Current Year at Butler: Fifth Year
Major: Pharmacy 
Hometown: Fox Cities, Wisconsin

"When Tim and I got married my sophomore year with Melanie on the way we hit many challenges including some major financial decisions.  Butler's Financial Aid office worked individually with us to determine unique options/scholarships/and programs that would assist not only with school, but also in the "real world." We received caring and support from all of the wonderful ladies and we see them as some of our favorite people here at Butler University! Thanks to Financial Aid our life wouldn't be the same without you.