Financial Aid

Study Abroad 

Academic Year

Butler University supports students who wish to include the study abroad experience in their education. Students must select a study abroad program from the approved list of programs available from the Center for Global Education (CGE) in order to retain financial aid eligibility.

Students studying through an exchange program either with International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) or one of the Butler University Exchange Programs will be able to apply ALL financial aid to program costs. Actual award amounts will be available after the student has received a Financial Aid Notification (FAN) for the year in question and as soon as the Office of Financial Aid has been notified of the program in which the student plans to study.

Students studying abroad in approved IFSA and consortium programs with other universities are eligible for one-half (50%) of their Butler University awards and ALL federal and state aid. Butler University awards include, but are not limited to: Academic Scholarships, Audition Awards, Butler University Grants and endowed and departmental scholarships.

In order to receive Butler University funds for study abroad programs, the student must complete one full academic year at Butler University prior to the beginning of the study abroad term.

Summer Sessions

Since students are billed directly by the program and must submit payment directly to the program sponsor for non-Butler programs during the summer, students are not eligible for federal or institutional financial aid. Students should discuss their options with the Office of Financial Aid before registering for the program.

Procedures for Study Abroad Students using Financial Aid

  1. Students who plan to study abroad are required to complete Study Abroad pre-departure forms, available from CGE.
  2. Students need to schedule an appointment with their financial aid counselor to review estimated financial aid and costs for the selected program. Students should bring their completed Study Abroad pre-departure forms to that appointment.
  3. Students should plan well in advance of given deadlines to complete the requirements to study abroad.
  4. Students should meet with the Office of Student Accounts for any billing issues/concerns.