Center for Faith and Vocation

Gathering Spirit: A Magical Church Community

Meeting Place: Inner Path Jewelry and Bookstore
7673 Shelby St.
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 317-603-0026


Gathering Spirit: A Magical Church Community meets in The Inner Path jewelry and bookstore located in Greenwood Place Plaza. The group meets the first and third Wednesday of every month from 7-8 p.m.

Institutional History

Gathering Spirit was formed in September of 2007. A core group of about 15-20 people have been practicing rituals and supporting one another since about 2004 and they felt that it was time to establish a formal outreach for the rest of the Indianapolis community. The classes were formed as an attempt to reach out to the community and the meeting spot was chosen because of its central location between Indianapolis and Bloomington and also because Inner Path is an outlet for supplies used in some religious or personal rituals.


Gathering Spirit is a diverse community with attendance from all over Indianapolis. The group is a mix in terms of education and profession, but all seemed well informed and articulate about their religious beliefs. Interestingly, Gathering Spirit has attracted members from a variety of different religious traditions, from Wicca to Voodoo and Christianity. Because meetings have very different topics, attendance varies from week to week but there seems to be a stable group of about five to 10 people on a weekly basis. The community's members are mostly Euro-American, and its members are employed in a variety of blue- and white-collar jobs.

Service Style

Gathering Spirit meets on Wednesday nights in the back room of Inner Path, a store that sells jewelry and religious paraphernalia. The group meets after hours so it is likely that someone will have to unlock the door for you and you will be directed to a small room in the back of the store. The room is dimly lit with a fountain hanging on one wall and a small table that serves as an altar with statues of religious figures such as the the Buddha, Jesus, and Ganesha as well as candles and prayer beads. A small group gathers in a circle of folding chairs and discusses the topic of the week. Topics vary from week to week including discussions on magical ethics and spell work. The group was eager to ask questions and hear the opinions of others. Generally there was a dynamic of trust and understanding although many different faiths were represented.

What to Expect

The Gathering Spirit community meets twice a month to discuss different issues that are important in their community, such as magical ethics. Visitors are very warmly welcomed but visitors should call before making an appearance to make sure that the group will be meeting. Guests should try to arrive on time because the store's owner will have to show the guests where the group meeting is. There is no required dress for the members of the group; most members wear jeans and t-shirts. The group talks of some things that a common person would not know very much about, but questions are not looked down upon in the least. Gathering Spirit's mission is education. The discussion group's goal is to share traditions and experiences as well as to educate seekers about current and historic practices. Visitors should feel more than comfortable engaging in the discussion with the rest of the members. Every member is personable and very open about his or her opinions. The group members are also very informative about different sources and other outlets that interested people can look to for more information.