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Southside Social Pagans

7521 US 31 S
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 317-491-7912 or 317-682-7788


The Southside Social pagans meet informally at an IHOP (International House of Pancakes) restaurant. Rituals take place in various peoples' homes. The group meets most Tuesdays for casual conversation and an optional dinner between 5:30 and 6.

Institutional History

The Southside Social Pagans were formed by a group of four pagans in the fall of 2007. The group previously met through another similar community that had failed to thrive. They felt it necessary to form a new community that would act as a support group for solitaires, individuals who have chosen their own unique path. Since the Pagan Pride festival (held each year in Broad Ripple Park) in September, 2007, membership has quickly increased and is now over 30. Since the founding members were all from the Southside and there is a large pagan population in Bloomington, the decision was made to establish meetings in that part of the city. In an attempt to make the atmosphere casual and relaxing, IHOP was chosen as the weekly meeting spot. The group also gets together for rituals which take place in the homes of members.


The Southside Social Pagans are a growing community, most members of which reside on the Southside of Indianapolis and its suburbs. The community is premised on the idea that one who joins is or intends to become a pagan, but all follow different paths. Members are predominantly Euro-Americans and for the most part they represent a lower to middle-income, blue-collar segment of the population. Because the group is so new it is hard to say how many people consider themselves members but weekly attendance varies from about 15 to 30.

Service Style

Weekly Tuesday night discussion meetings take place at IHOP off of U.S. 31 South. Members meet in a back room and move the tables to form a circle. The meeting is very casual and there is no set agenda, mostly it is just people talking about life and religion over coffee and possibly dinner. The overarching ideal that the group strives for is respect and compassion, much like any other support group. Many different paths are represented such as Druid, Dragon, Elvin, and Native American. The group may discuss past events or upcoming holidays. Although members follow different paths they do celebrate pagan seasonal holidays together. At such times, many members of the group meet in the home of a member or on public property to celebrate ritual and share a meal together.

What to Expect

The biggest requirement of attendance at the Southside Social Pagans meeting is that one should attend with an open mind. Visitors are welcome but should call to let someone know that they will be attending, just to make sure that the group will be meeting that week. There is no need to dress up for these events as many people come straight from work and are dressed very casually. One should wear whatever makes one feel most comfortable. There is a mix of men and women, mostly 20-60 years of age, many of whom have known each other for a long period of time. Overall, expect to be welcomed in a warm, inviting manner; members of the group are open to visitors and enjoy discussing what they believe. Members simply ask that you be respectful of beliefs that may differ from your own, as all people follow somewhat distinct paths. It is also asked that visitors not take pictures to respect members' privacy.