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Overview ~ Answering the Call

Answering the Call Courage

It takes courage to heed a call - to find your true vocation. But there's no doubt that each of us is called to do something with our lives that engages the world beyond our own self-interest. Often, it's hard to figure out just what that vocation or calling may be. Many influences pull us away from what our hearts or souls or guts may be telling us and towards something practical, lucrative, ambitious or prestigious.

Saving the World

The goal is a sort of synchronicity with your passion and your vocation. This doesn't have to be religious work, though it could be. And it doesn't have to be vast in scope. After all, it may not be your place to save the world. Remember, the smallest particulars of this world often reach further than you can see, and the farthest reaching enterprise may waste your unique gifts.

Open Up

So where do you begin? Listen . . . to yourself. Pay attention to the life around you. Think about where you have been and what you have achieved already. Search for insight through your religious or spiritual tradition, if you follow one. Pray about it. Write about it. Paint or draw about it, and see what rises.


Ask yourself, what do you love to do? Where do your talents lie? What concerns you most about the world? What worries you or makes you angry? What gives you hope?


Talk to your friends, your professors and your mentors about your passions, ideas and gut-feelings. Simply speaking with others can bring clarity and build confidence.

Inspire and Become Inspired

If you have a story that could benefit others, please submit it to We encourage you to visit the links here to read what others say about their own callings and journeys.

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