Center for Faith and Vocation

Hello from the CFV

Choosing a college and deciding a major are big steps in charting your future. But they are only part of a lifelong journey of understanding who you are and what you are meant to do with your life.

We at the Center for Faith and Vocation believe that college is a tremendous time of self-discovery. At the heart of this process is learning the skills of discernment - the practice of reflecting on your beliefs, on what fires up your energies and where you feel called to interact in the world. These are skills that will carry you through a lifetime of choices that will challenge you to know what you care about and believe and to live those convictions.

The Center for Faith and Vocation works to make Butler University a place where all people discover what they are meant to do with their lives. For some people that means understanding more fully why they want to be a teacher or musician, minister or rabbi, dancer, doctor, accountant or pharmacist. For others it is learning how their own religious commitments are part of their chosen major or career path. And for still others it is about finding the courage, self-awareness and support to switch a major and pursue what they really want to become.

We do this through programs for students and for the professors and staff at Butler, too, including workshops, salon-style conversations, interfaith service projects, one-on-one advising, internships and support for international travel experiences. Also, the Center collaborates with lots of other Butler programs - including student religious groups, international programs, the Learning Resource Center, the Butler honors program, the Office of Post-Graduate Studies and the Internship and Career Center.

Please visit the Center located in the Blue House across from Clowes Memorial Hall. Come to our programs. We look forward to learning how you feel called to a life of meaning and purpose and helping you on that journey.