Faculty Development

Butler Summer Faculty Development Workshop

July 31 and August 1, 2012, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Widening the VIEW: Culturally-Focused Learning and Asset-Based Thinking™


All Butler faculty and Student Academic Affairs instructional staff are invited to participate in a summer workshop on culturally-focused learning and asset-based thinking. Asset-based thinking highlights assets of all students and then uses these diverse assets to enhance student learning by focusing on issues of equity and social justice as they apply to pedagogy, learning styles, curriculum, and assessment. The program, facilitated by Lori Dixon, Ed.S., supports shared conversations and professional development among Butler faculty and instructional staff and Shortridge Magnet High School teachers. 

Goals of the workshop: 

  • To determine how teachers' personal perspectives relate to the classroom outcomes and practices
  • To examine our own microcultures and to understand our personal culture and how that effects our classroom
  • To understand group identities, stereotypes, and their effects on community
  • To define culturally-proficient instruction
  • To learn how to motivate students through a strengths-based approach in order to initiate and create a culture of change


Click the following link for the Butler Summer Faculty Development Workshop Application 


Please explain, in 1-2 pages, why you are interested in the Butler Summer Workshop on Widening the VIEW: Culturally-Focused Learning and Asset-Based Thinking™.  The open-ended nature of this request is deliberate in order to encourage faculty from all departments and programs and all levels of experience to consider their own teaching experiences and interests.

Issues you may (but need not) address include: your teaching contexts (class size, type of course such as Core or major, Early College Program course) and how these lead you to wish to explore multicultural teaching and learning; experiences, problems, or questions that incite your interest in the workshop; any previous exposure that you may have had to issues of multiculturalism in teaching and learning, including pedagogical strategies; your sense of yourself as a teacher and how that might relate to the topic of the workshop.

To help us plan for the workshop….If you have a specific goal or outcome for your participation in the workshop, or if there are specific topics or issues you would like to see addressed within this workshop's topic, or suggestions for readings or other materials, please offer your ideas and suggestions.  The presence or absence of a response will not affect your selection-this simply provides you an opportunity to help shape the workshop.  

Deadline for Receipt of Applications - Extended to July 6, 2012.  

Please send applications electronically to: facultyaffairs@butler.edu 


Participants will receive $100/day as a stipend OR as course development funds to enable you to implement asset-based thinking in your courses, assignments, projects, or in-class exercises**. Readings and resources to enhance your teaching, and lunch and refreshments will also be provided, as well as collegial camaraderie among participants.


**In keeping with practices that govern other internal grant opportunities, faculty on 9-month contracts are eligible for the stipend or course development fund; faculty on longer contracts are, of course, welcome to participate and will receive materials, meals, and refreshments.


This workshop is jointly sponsored the Early College Program of the Butler University-Indianapolis Public Schools Partnership (Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation Grant), the Faculty Development Program at Butler University, and the College of Education.