Distinguished Faculty Awards

Award For Research

University Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship and Creative Work

The University Award for Distinguished Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work is the highest accolade a faculty member can receive that honors scholarly achievement. Nominators are encouraged to solicit an updated CV from the nominee in order to provide explicit, up-to-date examples, and should provide evidence in one or more are as to support the nomination, including, where applicable:

  • Research activities in private, public, or corporate settings.
  • Publications.
  • Presentations at scholarly meetings or conferences.
  • Grants.
  • Exhibits, performances, commissions, and artistic creations.
  • Evidence of wide recognition by the academic community beyond Butler University.
  • Evidence of a body of achievement rather than a particular piece of research, scholarship, creative work, or other achievements.  A substantial portion of the scholarly achievement shall have been accomplished as a faculty member of Butler University.

Please support the nomination with the particular books, articles, performances, or exhibitions that merit public acclaim or examples of the recognition and respect the nominee has earned within her or his discipline and that merit public commendation (i.e., reviews, invitations to speak, positions in professional organizations, etc.).


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