Planning, Design & Construction



Planning, Design & Construction (PD&C) strives to deliver a sustainable, innovative and collaborative environment that inspires The Butler Way. As stewards of Butler's campus, all of our efforts focus on the planning and management of Butler University's historic and built facility resources

PD&C is committed to the following:

  • Deliver every project on schedule and within budget
  • Meet the needs of the end user, while enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of the campus facilities
  • Prove innovative ways of designing and delivering space solutions
  • Use of sustainable and green building practices and materials to reduce the University's greenhouse gas emissions and minimize negative impact on the environment
  • Collaborate with and provide a professional service to all Project Stakeholders
  • Provide experience within existing construction industry codes and standards


Services, Responsibilities & Requests




Additional Info

Along with collaborating with our end users, PD&C partners with these University constituents on every project:

More Information to come soon!