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Planning, Design  & Construction (PD&C) strives to deliver a sustainable, innovative and collaborative environment that inspires The Butler Way. As stewards of Butler's campus, all of our efforts focus on the planning and management of Butler University's historic and built facility resources.

PD&C is committed to:

  • Delivering every project on schedule and within budget so that it meets the needs of the end user and enhances the campus design aesthetic
  • Providing innovative ways of designing and delivering space
  • Using sustainable and green building practices/materials to reduce the University's overall greenhouse gas emissions and to minimize our negative impact on the environment
  • Being collaborative, professional and service oriented
  • Seeking innovative solutions to meet end user needs
  • Understanding current industry standards for construction and interior design and how these elements play a role in the success of delivering projects and maximizing space utilization

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Sustainability is at the core of every decision made by Planning Design and Construction! Being mindful and intentional of how our decisions impact the building users, as well as the environment surrounding us, allows our legacy to continue. Sustainable design and construction leads to sound business practices by reducing our overall energy and utility costs as well as reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Examples of standard specifications include:  

  • Low flow bathroom and shower fixtures
  • Low energy LED lighting
  • Locally produced and manufactured products
  • Low VOC finishes
  • Roofing with high RFI values

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How do we inspire Collaboration? We provide a place for it to occur!

Along with collaborating with our end users, PD&C partners with these University constituents on every project: