Exploratory Studies

Majors Fair with detail

Thank you to all students, faculty, and staff who attended this year's "Majors Fair."  It was a resounding success and we hope that all students who were seeking information about the diversity of programs on Butler's campus found some great options to explore. 

We'll be announcing next year's "Majors Fair" date and time soon, so be sure to check back here!

Congratulations to the Raffle Winners:

Callie Leone....$30 gift card for the Butler Bookstore

Adam Dietz....$25 gift card for AMC Theatres

Kara Ribordy....$25 gift card for iTunes

Lexus Murry....$10 gift card for Starbucks

Ashley Zegiestowsky....$10 gift card for Starbucks

 Know Your Options....Make a Plan....Experience Success

 Majors Fair 2

Majors Fair 5

Majors Fair A