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Corporate & Executive Education

Our Competitive Distinction

How is Butler's Corporate and Executive Education group different? What distinguishes our value offerings?

Well, it all starts with our point of view . . . and it ends with translating that point of view into deep partnerships and valued outcomes that continually exceed our clients' expectations.

We believe that advances in organizational resilience and agility - indeed, every advancement in an organization's value stream and performance capacity - starts with a conversation. And, at Butler Corporate and Executive Education, we are interested in a new and different conversation about how to help our clients advance their competitive distinction, strategic agility, and economic hardiness by leveraging their managerial leadership and knowledge distribution capacities. We are prepared to make a competitively differentiated offer to help business managers and leaders deal with the single issue that likely matters most to them, which is, how to capitalize on the complexity, volatility, uncertainty, and inherent risk of the real managerial world so that they can effectively run an organization under adverse conditions and still achieve their intended results.

What distinguishes BCEE's point of view and our conversation?

We think differently about management education and leadership development. 

We believe that, for decades, suppliers of management education have been sending the wrong message to managers, and the only improvement they've made is that they've kept trying to say it more persuasively. Executive educators have been busy collecting facts and inventing methods, and have told managers that if they want to be effective, they have to absorb these facts and apply these methods. The reason this facts and methods approach comes up short, however, is that it is much more selective about addressing the harsh realities of real managerial work than the person responsible for running an organization can ever afford to be.

We avoid easy answers and quick fixes.   

At BCEE, we are focused on a core purpose, and it is this. We help our clients fulfill their mission and become the organization they intend to be. We do this by helping them design, deploy and manage the organizational systems, work processes, functional communities, and distributed learning networks requisite to meeting business objectives and advancing long-term viability. We believe that this kind of process consulting, knowledge networking, and capacity building represent executive education at its best.

Other Critical Differentiators

Butler Corporate and Executive Education is uniquely positioned also to offer business management and organizational development consulting services, leveraging the expertise in the Butler Business Accelerator (BBA) and in many other parts of Butler University. Several qualities hallmark our offerings.

Full-Time Professionals ~ Show Details

Butler CEE's team of full-time employees includes business people, strategy experts, professional educators, psychologists and coaches, learning technology specialists and a team dedicated to creating and tailoring learning methods to ensure the impact of every educational experience. Whether they originate from the business or university community, our people are passionate about leveraging education to achieve business outcomes.

Collaborative Development ~ Show Details

In collaboration with our clients, we create programs by coupling thoughtful and practical educators with engaging learning methods that suit their objectives, their people and their budget.

Mix of Experts ~ Show Details

To meet the broad range of needs our clients bring to us, we augment the quality faculty from Butler University with faculty from other colleges and universities and with non-faculty educators.

Mix of Learning Methodologies ~ Show Details

In addition to traditional instructional methods, we make extensive use of carefully chosen and targeted learning experiences to create even greater impact. Experiential activities include action learning projects, simulations, case studies and team-building exercises.

Blended, Online, Residential ~ Show Details

BCEE uses innovative approaches to reach program participants wherever they are. We help them move through the process of concept understanding to behavioral change - right within their real world workplace. We use internet-based platforms to create learning spaces that connect participants and faculty with each other in a process that extends and deepens the learning. As new technologies emerge, we work to understand what educational value those tools can bring and how to incorporate them into our designs.

Immediate Application ~ Show Details

"Real Life, Real Business through BCEE." On-the-job application is essential to successful executive education.  Providing support before, during and after the learning experience is essential for executive education to influence new ways of thinking and behaving at work. Butler Corporate and Executive Education employs a variety of instrumentation and services to promote learning transfer, including diagnostic tools, individual and team coaching, action learning projects, manager briefings and impact reports.