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Custom Programs

When we develop custom programs, a combined team of BCEE staff and faculty work with a client one-on-one to identify specific challenges, opportunities and growth objectives that form the core of the organization's needs. We then develop and deliver uniquely tailored programs and services, which equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills and tools to promote strategic agility and drive sustainable growth. The central lesson of our experience is the core principle of our approach - an educational strategy must be tied to organizational reality.

Our approach to the design, development and delivery of executive education programs begins with contextual analysis. Every company has a unique set of environmental variables and organizational characteristics. Consequently, efforts to link education to business performance must be true to the reality individuals face within their respective divisions, business units or departments. Our analytic approach helps to identify the basic operating assumptions of a firm that filter new knowledge and consequently condition individual and organizational behaviors.

We are sensitive to the learning context of individuals within corporations. The most powerful learning is transformational - those things that individuals discover about themselves and their organization. This form of student-centered learning occurs by integrating the relevant work experience of program participants into the design of each course. We build bridges between structured learning experiences and the corporate operating environments of our clients.

Customization Process Overview

Create a Project Team

Perform a Needs Assessment

Curriculum Proposal Developed

Curriculum Development

BCEE - 2-3 individuals (including faculty from the butler College of Business)

Client Firm - 1-2 individuals

Client firm's original business case for the program is evaluated

Additional questions are surfaced in discussions among the project team.

A follow-up assessment is performed, as required, via interviews and/or focus groups.

Butler team takes the lead in developing the first draft.

The curriculum is reviewed and modified, as necessary, by the project team.

Presentation to a final approving authority - individual(s) within client firm.

Modifications, as required, and sign-off by final approving authority.

SMEs within client firm work with faculty in course development, depending on the degree of customization required.

If a teaching case were to be developed, a Butler case-writing team would work with the appropriate individual(s) within client firm to both research and write the case.

Course syllabus with attached readings, exercises and projects would be the final output.