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Consulting Services

Consulting and advisory services help organizations build their capacity to discover and strengthen the links between transformative leadership, employee commitment, customer loyalty and stakeholder value.

Consulting services within Butler Corporate and Executive Education is both a separate category of services and a fundamental capacity of our firm. All of our work with clients is based on an integrated inquiry and consultation model, the goal of which is to transfer our capability to our clients, thus helping them learn to learn, and to consult themselves. As a distinct service category, however, there are several things worth noting about the purpose, value offerings, and delivery vehicles of BCEE consulting. 

BCEE Consulting is dedicated to developing inquiry systems that bridge academic and business communities.  We source subject matter experts who have built an impressive record of helping business leaders capitalize on challenges to their fundamental business models, devise analytic approaches to assessing and redesigning business processes and systems, redefine their competitive distinction, and reinvent their business concept. Our objectives are: (1) to help clients build their capacity to develop systems for inquiry, learning, and innovation, (2) to continually enhance our own knowledge generation capacity, and (3) to disseminate this knowledge through teaching, advising, web publishing and other forms of exchange with the professional business community. 

If information is the currency of our digital age, then knowledge is the coin of the realm. Nowhere is this truer than in today's workplace. Everywhere employees turn, they are inundated with data. As the amount of information swells, management and employees may find themselves drowning in it.

BCEE consulting services help clients turn this information overload into useful knowledge so they can anticipate and address pivotal events affecting their business. Also, we help our clients develop systems to share knowledge, since existing knowledge is the most important input to the production of new knowledge.  

Planning for the unpredictable may seem an impossible irony, but many firms appear to recognize that in a period of turbulence, an organization's ability to flex and respond is critical for sustaining growth. BCEE's consulting services help client organizations use their knowledge and skills to increase their leadership resilience and agility - their capacity to proactively leverage the experience of change to promote growth. In so doing, our clients are increasingly able to optimize the value contribution made by their employees and other stakeholders.

Strategic Agility ~ Show Information

  • Innovation
  • Business concept reinvention
  • Systems thinking
  • Knowledge acquisition and environmental scanning
  • Strategy management: Situation assessment, Strategic framework building, and Business planning
  • Strategic thinking, framing, and planning
  • Organizational resilience, agility, and learning
  • Global aptitude

Sound Financial Management ~ Show Information

  • Profit productivity
  • Asset productivity
  • Cash flow growth
  • Economic profit improvement
  • Resource stewardship

Efficient Value Creation Networks ~ Show Information

  • Productivity growth
  • Creation and maintenance of end-to-end value creation networks
  • Client focus and service process
  • Supply chain management
  • Teamwork efficacy
  • Communities of practice
  • Knowledge creation/dissemination systems
  • Organizational design
  • Business analysis
  • Business process design and management
  • Continuous improvement
  • Systems integration
  • Lean operations strategies

Marketing and Sales Management ~ Show Information

  • Innovative ideas to grow existing clients
  • Industrial product strategies
  • Government contracting
  • Social media marketing
  • Sales training and sales personnel/team development
  • Sales organization and sales process management
  • e-Marketing programs including e-mail marketing and CRM
  • New markets and/ or products
  • Innovative business development plans
  • Launching a new product, brand, or service
  • Distribution and sales channel development
  • Creating a strategic brand-marketing plan

Leveragable Brand Equity ~ Show Information

  • Business partner-of-choice brand strength
  • Employer-of-choice brand strength
  • Investment target-of-choice brand strength

Stakeholder Loyalty ~ Show Information

  • Client satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy
  • Employee satisfaction and retention
  • Investor satisfaction and loyalty

Organizational Leadership ~ Show Information

  • General business management acumen
  • Business management metrics and measurement protocols
  • Strategy deployment capability
  • Capacity to leverage technology
  • Financial management; Resource stewardship
  • Productivity growth
  • Organizational alignment
  • Organizational learning and knowledge management; Creating a learning organization
  • Coaching for enhanced leadership performance
  • Talent chain management
  • Performance management
  • Aligning employee competencies with corporate strategy
  • Employee engagement and involvement
  • Leadership development
  • Training program design and development
  • Change management/Transition leadership
  • Business pragmatism and courage
  • Business ethics and social responsibility