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Consortium Programs

Consortium programs at Butler Corporate and Executive Education provide affinity groupings of similar but non-competing firms an opportunity to share core knowledge and critical experiences, thereby enhancing the learning outcomes for every participant. We are strong advocates for the exponential learning power derived from this kind of collective developmental experience.

Consortium programs are developed at BCEE by creating a unique alliance among a small set of six to 10 firms that are facing common business challenges. First and foremost, we stress the involvement of all the companies in the design of programs and services. It is critical to have equal involvement of all the companies in the program development and implementation process. Then we combine the strengths of an open enrollment experience (e.g., peer interaction, learning from other companies' experiences, cost effectiveness) with the strengths of a custom-designed program (e.g., direct input on curriculum design, faculty knowledge of partner companies, senior executive teaching, and custom case studies) to deliver an exceptionally powerful and practical learning experience. Since member companies are equal partners, each one has input into the curriculum design, making it essentially a custom program approach without the associated high costs for each company.

BCEE's consortium programs are designed to build the leadership and general management capacity of clearly identified, high potential employees and executive development candidates within the member organizations.