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Effective organization leadership matters - and coaching has a clearly demonstrated effect on the core competencies necessary for leaders to maximize their impact.

Butler Corporate and Executive Education provides the extensive skills and experience of senior coaches to help business leaders effectively face these challenges.

Coaching support helps leaders build the capacity to more fully discover who they are (possible hyperlink here to puzzle diagram showing interconnection of individual/organization) - as individuals, and as people with specific responsibilities in their organizations and in their communities. An intensive, supportive coaching process helps them build the capacity to reflect on their organization's identity, and to explore how it can be continually redefined to adapt and thrive in a whirlwind of change. BCEE coaching helps people maintain a positive bias toward managing tension and enhancing agility - both for themselves and for the organizations they lead.

Coaching provides an environment - a safe space with adequate time - within which organizational leaders can have the kinds of conversations, based on disclosure and mutual trust, which are requisite to achieving these kinds of developmental outcomes.

Our coaching and consultative expertise is leveraged in three key ways - and we believe these are critical differentiators of our services. 

  1. We provide one-on-one coaching to executives, business unit leaders, general managers, owners, managing partners, executive directors, superintendents and other senior-level leaders. The coaching process is customized according to each individual's focus and timetable, ranging from immediate crisis consulting to regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly sessions. The preferred format for coaching consultations is face-to-face, although we utilize distance technologies if faced with geographical and scheduling challenges.
  2. As a part of our custom and consortium programs, coaches work with the participants, their cohort teams, and their managers to integrate the educational experience into their day-to-day activities back on the job.
  3. Each of our coaches has extensive real world leadership experience in addition to proven expertise and an established credibility as a leadership/executive coach.

Coaching PhasesCoaching helps individuals better align the accomplishment of personal performance goals with those of their work team, their business unit, and the whole enterprise.

Our coaching services are hallmarked by:

  • High quality assessments.
  • A commitment to proven leadership development methods.
  • Rigorously trained coaches with extensive corporate leadership experience.
  • A confidential, safe environment for growing as a leader.

Our four-phase Coaching Action Model is depicted here.


Assess Plan Implement Follow-Up
Understand personal style, perception by others and impact on effectiveness Agree on a plan of action to address developmental goals Implement
the development
Evaluate progress from stakeholder perspectives relative to goals & metrics
  1. Set expectations and conduct in-depth interview with the client
  2. Link coaching to organization objectives
  3. Assess individual style via existing data and additional assessment, including 360o survey data.
  4. Conduct interviews with supervisor, peers and direct reports.
  5. Conduct client feedback session that integrates all information/input
  1. Identify strengths, weakness and gaps between current behavior and needed skills/capabilities
  2. Clarify and align individual goals with organization needs
  3. Identify high impact opportunities for development
  4. Set 2-4 specific goals and establish metrics for success
  5. Confirm action plan with supervisor
  1. Coach and client communicate regularly, both face-to-face and via phone/email
  2. Identify action steps for each development goal
  3. Identify and utilize a support network to foster changes
  4. Make adjustments in action plans if needed
  5. Update supervisor as appropriate
  1. Client and coach evaluate progress
  2. Client and coach seek input from key stakeholders as to progress
  3. Development goals are updated and revised as needed
  4. Coaching process is reviewed and summarized with the client, supervisor and HY
~ 30-45 days ~ 45-60 days ~ 2-6 months ~ 6 months

Enterprise-Wide Coaching Services ~ More Information

  • Human resource development groups that are interested in hiring external coaches to be resources to executives in succession planning or in leadership development programs
  • Executives, managers, and other professionals who wish to hire a coach as key partner and sounding board in  their professional and career development strategy
  • Companies that are enhancing their executive leadership development programs by including coaching as a component of skill application back on the job
  • Companies looking to launch or enhance a coaching initiative targeted at reducing or helping employees counteract job stress and burnout
  • Organizations seeking to assist new leaders in quickly and effectively entering a new work group
  • Senior executives, business unit leaders, and department heads who want to deal more effectively with the challenges of an intergenerational workforce
  • Companies looking to enhance their employment brand or to mitigate high turnover costs by training their managers to be more effective coaches
  • Companies looking to launch or enhance a mentoring program
  • Organizations that want to enlist a coach to help them with  strategic thinking and tactical planning, creating a compelling vision, business process re-engineering, launching and developing teams, 360-degree feedback reviews
  • Internal consultants and shared services providers within organizations, who would like to be "shadow coached" during internal client engagements to continually hone their consulting and influencing skills

Personal or Career Mastery Coaching ~ More Information

  • Individuals currently in a career transition, or with a significant career decision pending.
  • Individuals who would like to work with a coach who could help them deal more effectively with things like: the changing expectations of employees and employers; workplace trends in the current economy; values, business ethics, and issues of loyalty and security; identifying one's career orientation and options; assessing one's readiness and willingness to launch a career transition.
  • Individuals seeking outside perspectives or training in the following areas:
    • General career planning
    • Personal resilience and agility enhancement
    • Increased capacity for innovation
    • Increased financial acumen
    • Enhanced task prioritization and activity management skills
    • Project management and/or total quality management skills
    • Specific communication skills, including presentation/platform skills enhancement.