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registernow3Advancing Women in Leadership

Is this for me?

The ideal candidate for this program is currently a middle level high potential manager with 5 to 10 years of progressive management experience who:

  • Manages people, money and/or resources
  • Desires to move up in the organization
  • Has a strong performance record
  • Has been identified as high potential
  • Brings a rich perspective and set of diverse management experiences to draw upon and share

What makes this program unique?

1)  Targeted to experienced women leaders who are ready to move to the next level.

2)  Intentionally designed for small group cohorts of women to ensure a safe learning environment for practice and experimentation and enable the formation of deep, long lasting relationships.

3)  Each participants participates in a 360 degree leadership assessment based on the emotional  and social intelligence framework.  The content of each session is then customized to address the unique development needs of that cohort.

4)  Passionate faculty who have broad and deep experience supporting women in their leadership journey.

5)  In each session, an experienced executive women leader meets with the participants to share her personal leadership journey, share lessons learned and engage in dialogue.

6)  In each session, the women work on their individual leadership development plan.  This is a built in accountability mechanism for women to commit to action, take the action, reflect on success/failures and learnings, plan for next action and share their progress with the cohort.