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registernow3Advancing Women in Leadership


Advancing Women in Leadership will be based in part on the Emotional Intelligence leadership methodology. To enhance real life learning, participants will participate in a variety of learning methodologies, including self-assessments, lecture, case study discussion, reflection, experiential and action-based role playing and peer coaching. Topics in this program include:

  • Self-Awareness and Leadership: Examine the results of Emotional and Social Competence Inventory to understand your leadership strengths and opportunities for growth.
  • Aligning Our Values and Behaviors: Use a values discovery process to examine priorities, current choices and behaviors and identify actions for increased alignment.
  • Adapting and Thriving in New Situations:   Explore competencies of adaptability, self-control and positive outlook to effectively manage ourselves during rapid change.
  • Influencing for Positive Impact: Learn the tools to understand implicit norms, relationships and apply strategies to spark interest, build consensus and align action.
  • Catalysts for Change: Apply frameworks and tools to effectively manage diverse perspectives and to inspire, energize and engage others to bring about change.
  • Helping Others Find Their Way to Excellence: Apply coaching, mentoring and feedback skills to help others develop to their full potential.
  • Cultivating Our Personal Board of Directors: Apply a framework to identify and enroll sponsors, mentors and networks to support our leadership development process.
  • Leveraging a Balanced Style of Leadership: Apply a broad range of  leadership styles to motivate people and drive performance.

Outcomes include a 360-degree assessment, a personal leadership development plan and peer coaching skills.

Past Speakers

Diane Thomas, CEO, The International Center
Kate Morris, Provost Vice President for Academic Affairs, Butler University
Kellie Hanner , CEO, Indiana Organ Procurement Organization (IOPO)
Kerry Thomson, CEO, Habitat for Humanity Monroe County
Ellen Annala, Past President and CEO, United Way of Central Indiana
Tracy Embree, President, Cummins Turbo Technologies
Diane Thomas, CEO, The International Center
Karin Blair, VP Customer Experience at Life Technologies (San Diego)
Tamara Zahn, President, Zahn Associates
Angela Braly, Founder & President, The Braly Group, LLC
Sarah Aubrey,Owner, Prosperity Consulting, LLC
Barbara Burcope, Sr, VP of HR, CRO, Medxcel