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registernow3Advancing Women in Leadership

Women continue to blaze the trail to advance to the top of organizations, currently holding about half of the country's managerial and professional jobs. While this is a dramatic increase from 20 years ago, women are still vastly underrepresented in the senior executive ranks.

As women navigate the path to higher management positions, they are challenged to define and develop their unique leadership style to enhance their effectiveness and impact in their organizations. Women must proactively manage their growth and development to prepare for the leadership roles they desire.

Advancing Women in Leadership will help you uncover and integrate your unique strengths and qualities that will help you thrive and succeed in your current and future leadership roles. Through an action learning approach, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of the key competencies of Emotional Intelligence and the link to your leadership effectiveness.
  • Acquire skills to continuously build self awareness, overcome blind spots and sustain effective leadership behaviors.
  • Apply an intentional process to align your personal values with your everyday leadership behaviors.
  • Develop skills to sense other's feeling and perspectives, emotional currents and power relationships to effectively manage diverse groups.
  • Apply innovative frameworks and methodologies to drive individual and team performance.

AWL has armed me with tools to identify opportunities to grow as a leader and to set meaningful goals to help advance my career.  I feel more confident approaching difficult conversations with my employees, my manager, and other centers of influence within my organization.

The women I have met at AWL, with their varying backgrounds and levels of experience, will serve as a "board of directors" for me in the future.  I know I will be able to reach out to them for advice and I can count on them to share ideas and successes. 

Sara Clegg
Strategic Client Group Manager
The Capital Group 


The AWL experience was a milestone to mark the start of a wonderful journey of growth and learning as the leader I want to become.  AWL has provided a solid foundation of information and support for future growth.  The relationships that are made during the AWL experience are priceless and they will be with you forever as long as you like, which is something special.  

Joanna Kahl
Clinical Trials Study Manager
Roche Diagnostics Operations

The faculty have purposefully created a safe and empowering climate for learning by bringing together a diverse group of women who support each other's growth.  Through a balance of lectures, reflection, collaborative activities, candid discussion, and peer coaching, I have gained a leadership framework, insights, tools, skills and best of all, a network of amazing and respected women I know I can call on at any time. This class not only has helped me manage myself through a rapidly changing business environment but has also prepared me to share key learnings with colleagues to help them more successfully navigate as well.

Ginger Plexico
Vice President and CMO
Herff Jones, Inc.