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Developing Resilient and Agile Business Leaders Who Create Opportunity from Adversity

In today's business environment, increasingly hallmarked by complexity, volatility and ongoing uncertainty, business leaders are continually asked to turn disadvantage into advantage - to derive scalable success and sustainable value from places where real jeopardy exists. Consequently, resilience and agility have become key developmental objectives for organizations. They are core competencies that enable a company to achieve aggressive goals and to drive and shape its future.

According to December 2009 report on organizational agility by The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, recently conducted research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile companies.

Add a diverse and engaged workforce to a resilient, agile culture and, according to a 2009 Gallup, Inc. report, entitled, The Next Discipline: Applied Behavioral Economics, organizations can expect to grow their earnings more than 2½ times faster than organizations lacking these attributes.

Managerial leaders must generate rapid cycles of learning and devise innovative execution tactics, even as they deal with increasingly short planning horizons. They must stay on top of global economic developments, keep pace with evolving technologies, and respond equitably to the demands of a diverse, intergenerational workforce. 

This is exactly where we come in, at the convergence of managing an organization and developing leadership greatness. At the confluence of leading and learning.

At Butler University Corporate and Executive Education, we advance organizational performance by building the capabilities of organizational leaders. We help leaders deal confidently and effectively with their critical business issues. We are uniquely positioned to offer executive leadership programs and business management consulting services, leveraging the expertise in the Butler Business Accelerator (BBA) and in many other parts of Butler University.

Who We Are

Butler Corporate and Executive Education (BCEE) is the organizational learning and professional development arm of Butler University. We are a network of highly experienced business educators and advisors who help people at every level of an organization contribute to its ongoing success. We put our clients' unique business performance needs at the core of our work, and we infuse that work with the values-based attributes of The Butler Way.

What We Do

When you engage Butler Corporate and Executive Education, we work with you collaboratively - determining your needs and situation factors first, and only then beginning to design solutions that address them.  Consequently, our value offerings oftentimes go beyond education or training alone.

Using a highly consultative approach, we serve our clients by:

  • Critically assessing business productivity needs and situational realities.
  • Identifying integrated solutions that incorporate education, consulting, and coaching.
  • Delivering solutions through multiple vehicles like programs, processes and services.
  • Following up to ensure solutions are effectively applied toward the achievement of current and future goals.

Our Focus ~ Show Content

Within these product and service categories, BCEE has specialized expertise in the following areas:

  • General Management
  • Leadership and Change Management
  • Team Leadership and Performance
  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resource Development

Academic Credit ~ Show Content

Within our Custom Program product line, we design and deliver certificate programs (comprising a series of courses), which can be taken either as:

  • Credit bearing, with course completion transferred to a Butler MBA program into which the learner is accepted.
  • Non-credit bearing.

Why Butler ~ Show Content

Real Learning for Real Leadership

We create intense, active learning experiences in order to help our clients build leadership skills, core knowledge and robust development networks within and beyond their organizations. Our products and services are:

  • Experiential - signature events create intense learning situations.
  • Assessment-Driven - you have to know where you are to get where you want to go.
  • Acquisition-Oriented - understanding current thought and best practices create a foundation.
  • Application-Focused - putting your understanding into practice in live situations gets you where you want to go.

The Accelerator ~ Show Content

As an outgrowth of Butler College of Business's Real Life, Real Business defining theme and principle, the Butler Business Accelerator is committed to providing learners with opportunities to deepen their understanding of critical business issues by exploring business challenges first-hand. Butler Corporate and Executive Education works collaboratively with the Accelerator to achieve this purpose.

The Accelerator is a consulting business designed to provide coaching and consulting services to innovative, for-profit, Indiana-based companies with revenues in the $5M-$50M range. While Butler Corporate and Executive Education has a wider focus (providing multiple products and services to $50M+ geographically dispersed organizations in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors), the two groups share knowledge and best practices to the ultimate benefit of each organization's clients. At times, this partnership takes the form of a joint project in which BCEE provides an Accelerator client with custom or consortium programming specifically requested by that client to augment the existing consulting services. In other instances, BCEE clients benefit when we use our interaction with the Accelerator to create living laboratories in which leaders learn by applying educational concepts to real world business problems and situations. Through BCEE's collaboration with the Accelerator, we help our clients achieve Real Results.