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AE-D3  -  Our Client-Centered Work Process


Graphic 5At Butler Corporate and Executive Education, we believe that sustainable growth and change occur most naturally when strategic imperatives, economic objectives, work processes, and people development systems are synched up and integrated into a single, driving organizational mission. We acknowledge that every client scenario presents unique possibilities for achieving this unifying imperative, and that no single solution or approach will be universally effective. 

Accordingly, we begin each consulting relationship by obtaining a deep understanding of our client's situation. We then work collaboratively with our client to develop business solutions that are targeted and time-sensitive, and that truly suit their needs. Rather than simply delivering formula-driven programs (and stimulating our clients' appetite for more), we work with our clients to create and shape their context. This results in an increasingly deeper appreciation of their present situation and a more imaginative view of their preferred future state.

We believe that the following components are critical to the success of every project we undertake:

  • Obtaining a thorough understanding of the client's business objectives, work processes, strategic drivers, business values, cultural context and key performance metrics.
  • Developing an integrated strategy for change, which is aligned with and specifically addresses the client's critical business issues.
  • Transferring our skills and expertise to the client's organization.